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How to Get Good Divorce Help


It’s really no mystery that two people – especially one of them not wanting or even expecting it – go into uncharted territory with something called…divorce. This is especially the case for a couple that has spent well over a decade’s worth of marriage. To have the ties suddenly cut, it can be drastic; and neither one – not even the spouse wanting the divorce – may know what to do about how to proceed to a divorce.


How Does One Get Some Divorce Help?


No one needs to handle it alone – on either end. For starters, consulting with attorneys can make that big step toward how to proceed.


But what if there’s no need to hire a lawyer? What does a person do about proceeding to a divorce?


Steps to Take When Seeking Divorce Help


So let’s say a couple wants a divorce. Let’s say for argument’s sake that both spouses have a mutual agreement to dissolve the marriage. What do they do?


First off, you can bet that they won’t need lawyers. They won’t need attorneys to discuss what they already know. Believe it or not, but most divorces in the country are decided outside of the courtroom – for obvious reasons. Either side doesn’t want to get into too much drama.


So if there’s no need for lawyers, the only thing either party (or both) would need to do is pay a visit to the county courthouse, ask where the “family court” is located, show up right at the clerk’s office there – and simply ask about the “divorce petition.”


Those two words are key words: divorce petition.


Right then and there, you may actually have the clerk providing all the divorce help you’ll need – everything from the document itself (the divorce petition), to a Marital Settlement Agreement, to Financial Statements, where to file them, any necessary court fees for the documents. The whole nine yards.


So Maybe You Really Don’t Have the Time to See the Courthouse?


That’s fine. Believe it or not, anyone can still obtain the correct forms and learn the whole process without even stepping foot into a clerk’s office. Divorce help is still available in something as simple as a phone. Or an internet connection.


Simply open up the Yellow Pages and find the number for the county court. Make a call and then ask where to contact the “family court.” What anyone needs to know is that the “family court” handles divorce cases, among other family cases.


So once any spouse has the contact information for the family court, that’s the most important step to getting the divorce process going. Make the call and talk to the clerk, and you may be fortunate enough to have a clerk who will e-mail attachments of the appropriate forms, or fax them to you. This clerk will inform you of what you need to do with the forms, deadlines, guidelines, stipulations – all the divorce help you’ll need.


From there, it should be all downhill.


The Divorce Process Can Be Easy – With the Right Help


With a divorce that easy to set in motion, two spouses may never even see the inside of a courtroom. All it takes are a few signatures on some key documents, get them filed in the circuit court, and it’s as good as gold.


That’s all it takes. But if there is any confusion at all, that’s what the right divorce help is for.