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Over the last decade, Arizona’s commitment to child support laws and regulations has driven significant changes to its legal framework. These changes reflect the state’s dedication to ensuring the well-being of children and supporting families through effective child support policies. This article presents a concise overview of key updates to Arizona’s child support laws and regulations from 2013 to 2023.

2013: Child Support Guidelines Review

   – Comprehensive review and adjustment of child support guidelines to reflect changing economic realities.

2014: Emphasis on Enforcement

   – Strengthening of enforcement mechanisms to ensure consistent and timely child support payments.

2015: Parenting Time Consideration

   – Consideration of parenting time when determining child support obligations, reflecting shared responsibilities.

2016: Income Imputation Standards

   – Establishment of standards for imputing income to parents voluntarily unemployed or underemployed.

2017: Remote Hearing Options

   – Introduction of remote hearing options to facilitate child support proceedings for geographically distant parents.

2018: Medical Support Enhancement

   – Enhancement of mechanisms for providing medical support, including health insurance coverage for children.

2019: Cost-of-Living Adjustments

   – Implementation of cost-of-living adjustments to ensure child support obligations remain relevant.

2020: Electronic Payment Solutions

   – Adoption of electronic payment solutions to offer secure and convenient child support payment options.

2021: Simplified Modification Process

   – Streamlined procedures for requesting modifications to child support orders based on changing circumstances.

2022: Online Resources Expansion

   – Expansion of online resources to provide parents with comprehensive information about child support.

2023: Collaborative Approaches

   – Exploration of collaborative approaches to child support, encouraging open communication between parents.

Arizona’s child support laws continue to evolve to better serve the needs of children and families. The state’s commitment to innovation, enforcement, and collaboration underscores its goal of providing a supportive environment for all parties involved in the child support process.

The Arizona state authority for child support is the Division of Child Support Enforcement and one of its primary functions is helping to locate noncustodial parents.

Arizona authorities can enforce the payment of child support by organizing income withholdings, license suspension and even suspending lottery winnings.

Child support arrangements can be modified in the event there is a change in the financial status of either parent and the changes will take six months to be reflected in the payments due. Payments can be made in person at a DSCE office or online.

In instances where there are delinquent payments of $5,000 the non-custodial parent will be labeled a child support evader and will be subject to investigation by state authorities. Contact an Arizona lawyer for legal advice and assistance.