Alaska Divorce Forms

Alaska Divorce Forms

Alaska Divorce Forms


Quick Guide to Alaska Divorce Forms


There are specific Alaska divorce forms needed for every kind of divorce.  The number of forms is contingent on whether there are children and whether the divorce is uncontested or not.  If you are thinking about filing for divorce, you should contact a family law attorney to help you through the entire process from the initial petition to the final hearing.  


In order to view a complete list of all Alaska divorce forms, you should visit the official government website of the state of Alaska.  


Depending on your type of divorce, you may need any of the following documents:


1) DR-100 for the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and DR-105 for the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with Children.  This form specifies everything within the divorce from finances and debts to property and children.  

2) DR-110 for the Appearance and Waiver of Notice of Hearing.  This form specifies the grounds of divorce and provides reasons why the spouse can or cannot attend the hearing. 

3) DR-115 for the Amendment of Agreement if either spouse intends to amend the agreement. 

4) DR-115.1 for the Amendment on Claiming Tax Exemption for Children.  This form states that the parent with less custody cannot claim the child under tax exemptions.  

5) DR-120 for the Withdrawal of Agreement and Order of Dismissal.  This form states that a spouse is withdrawing from the initial agreement. 

6) DR-130 for the Request to Modify Decree of Dissolution and Order specifies the spouse’s intentions in modifying the dissolution.  

7) DR-150 for the Child Custody Jurisdiction Affidavit supplies each child’s information and residency within the last 5 years as well as a statement that notifies the parent that this form may affect the outcome of the case. 

8) DR-151 for the Direction to Seal Affidavit states that none of the information in DR-150 will affect the safety and health of either parent or child.  

9) DR-200 for the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage allows one spouse to seek divorce because the marriage has broken down and the other spouse cannot be located. 

10) DR-210 for the Affidavit of Diligent Inquiry states that the spouse has tried all possible ways to contact the other spouse.  Possible forms of search include family, employers, social media, and state referral services.

11) DR-215 for the Motion and Order For Alternative Service specifies public locations that a spouse can post a search for the other spouse.  

12) DR-225 for Proof of Notice specifies the actions the spouse took in notifying the absent spouse. 

13) DR-250 for Financial Declaration is a detailed form regarding the finances of each spouse.  This form is very long and detailed.  


Forms DR-300 through DR-336 are used for Child Support Issues.  Some of the forms are used for Child Support Calculation and other forms are simply used as proof that the parents know the child support guidelines.  Forms DR-205 through DR-485 are used for child custody issues and include packets for complaints and amendments to child custody.




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