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Know The Causes of Divorce

Know The Causes of Divorce

With over half of all marriages in the United States ending in divorce, there are obviously a variety of causes of divorce.

In fact, divorce information suggests that more couples now plan for divorce by entering into prenuptial or postnuptial agreements.

Some couples divorce after they discover that they are unable to mutually exist in the scope of that institution. Many couples choose to divorce because of disagreements on how to run the household or the appropriate way to raise children.

Infidelity is also one of the causes of divorce. Divorce rates in the United States are higher than in other countries because of the emphasis placed on individual freedoms.

There are many causes of divorce, however, most have the same consequences. Statistics on divorce information suggest that the trend of divorce will continue to increase or stay steady for the immediate future.

However, predictions indicate that divorce rates are expected to drop because there has been a significant decrease in couples entering into marriage.

Among the many causes of divorce are issues that relate to commitment, communication, and fidelity. Most marriages fail in the absence of those three factors.

Alcohol and drug abuse are also major causes of divorce, as is incarceration that results from that behavior. Unfortunately spousal and child abuse are also two of the major causes of divorce.

Divorce statistics suggest a huge increase in victims of sexual, psychical, and emotional abuse. However, no one can be sure if it is an increase in victims or an increased incidence of victims that report the abuse.

There are many other reasons that couples divorce. As per today’s economy, financial difficulty and debt are one of the major causes of divorce.

However, statistics on divorce information suggest that hard economic times often show a decrease in divorce due to the fact that couples simply cannot afford to maintain separate households.

Some people feel that the sanctity of marriage is not taken as seriously, and there exists a lack of respect in regards to the institution of marriage.

People that fail to take marriage seriously are more prone to engaging in infidelity, taking their partner for granted. Recent statistics on divorce information suggest that Americans are far less likely to take marriage as seriously as they did in the past; an increased rate of divorce has resulted in a large decrease in couples that are entering into marriage.