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Missouri Child Support

Missouri Child Support

Child support payments in Missouri are made twice a month, but the non-custodial parent is usually eligible for visitation rights.

The Missouri standard for child visitation is every other weekend, four to six weeks during the summer and alternating holidays.

The Missouri state authorities will garnish wages from the non-custodial parent to ensure proper and timely payments made to the custodial parent.

Medical insurance for the child is mandatory and if the parents cannot decide, the state will pick the parents with the better insurance plan and modify the support plan as necessary.

Child support is terminated at the age of 18 or whenever they finish high school. Child support may also terminate when the child works more than 15 hours a week. Non-custodial parents can be ordered to continue paying support if the child pursues higher education.

State authorities can also take actions to establish paternity and locate parents that are missing to ensure they pay the necessary support to the children. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Missouri lawyers.