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Divorce Checklist for Women

Divorce Checklist for Women


The Best Divorce Checklist for Women


The bottom line is that it’s no light matter to deal with divorce, even when it was initially petitioned by the woman. The obvious motive for petitioning for divorce is to rectify a wrong, whatever it may be; but certainly the process of going through the divorce for both parties can be trying at times, especially with children.


That’s why it’s important that a divorce checklist for women is available. When dealing with the law – all the documents that must be filed, such as the Petition itself, the Marital Settlement Agreement, the Financial Statement – getting all of it check-marked is crucial.


So What Makes a Good Divorce Checklist for Women?


For starters….


• Get Everything Prepared Before Filing


This simply means consider all options. It’s a big step filing that paperwork. Even a woman strongly considering divorce has to realize that filing that piece of paper can set in motion a tremendous change in the family environment.


Consult with counselors, attorneys, friends, family – there’s no end to the preparation. Consider the timing in which a petition could be filed – during the holidays, after an anniversary, after the birthday or birthdays of child(ren). Regardless of what many may say about women who petition for divorce, it’s a difficult decision.


In addition, knowing how to file is important. Names, addresses, stipulation on child support, custody, alimony if necessary. Those are all factors that belong in a petition.


And more importantly, whether a woman likes it or not, she absolutely must be completely honest with her husband and tell him what she plans to do. He may not like it (or he may be completely supportive of it), but it’s better than springing the surprise on him.


• Open a New Checking Account/Savings Account


This next step to a good divorce checklist for women is crucial. Why? Because when considering divorce, you’re not only breaking up a marriage, but you’re breaking up a financial agreement to work together in maintaining a household.


This means severing a bank account completely. Chances are if the husband will be moving out, all that needs to be done is the removal of his name off the checking/savings account. If that’s not possible, simply open up another one solely in your name.


This ensures that your money, as a newly single woman, belongs to you; and his money, as a newly single man, belongs to him. Ultimately, it’s about respect.


• And the Last Step: Seeking Legal Representation


This is especially important if there’s a disagreement – which in all honesty has a good chance of happening if the husband will be the Respondent in the process.


Typically the Petitioner, the wife filing for a petition of divorce, sets the grounds for divorce, writes up the stipulations and provisions of the divorce. A Respondent, the husband, may either abide by all of those provisions or not.


In the case he doesn’t, finding a good divorce lawyer is crucial. You’re going to want to protect your interests. If his issue’s going to be child support, make sure you have a good attorney by your side to present your case for the provision. If the issue’s custody, be prepared to have a lawyer present to explain why the children must stay with you.


It’s completely within your rights. And it solidifies the divorce checklist for women.


All of That Will Make the Best Divorce Checklist for Women


But know this: no woman can ever be too prepared for what comes in a divorce. Separating a family completely will alter life in ways no one can expect.


But at least a checklist will better prepare you for the unexpected.