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Hawaii has made significant strides in its child support laws and regulations over the past decade, prioritizing the well-being of children and families. This article provides a concise summary of key developments in Hawaii’s child support landscape from 2013 to 2023.

2013: Child Support Guidelines Review

   – Review and adjustment of child support guidelines to ensure accuracy in calculations.

2014: Income Shares Model Adoption

   – Adoption of the income shares model for calculating child support obligations.

2015: Cost of Living Consideration

   – Consideration of the cost of living in child support calculations to reflect economic realities.

2016: Enforcement Strengthening

   – Strengthening of enforcement mechanisms to ensure consistent payment of child support.

2017: Health Insurance Coverage Focus

   – Focus on including health insurance coverage for children in child support orders.

2018: Modification Process Streamlining

   – Streamlining of the process for modifying child support orders based on changing circumstances.

2019: Income Withholding Enhancement

   – Enhancement of income withholding procedures to facilitate effective child support collection.

2020: Technology Integration

   – Integration of technology to provide convenient payment options for child support.

2021: Regular Review Mechanism

   – Implementation of a mechanism for periodic review and potential adjustment of child support orders.

2022: Remote Communication Consideration

   – Consideration of costs associated with remote communication in child support calculations.

2023: Continued Adaptations

   – Ongoing adjustments to child support laws to ensure they remain responsive to evolving family dynamics.

Hawaii’s dedication to improving child support laws demonstrates its commitment to supporting families and children. The state’s efforts in updating its regulations reflect a desire to create a fair and transparent environment for all parties involved in child support proceedings.

The Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency falls under the auspices of the Department of the Attorney General and ensures that both parents contribute to the financial well-being of the children.

All payments are made electronically and disbursed through direct deposit. Those that do not have a bank account for direct deposit will be issued a debit card through the state authorities.

There is an annual fee of $25 assessed by the Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency as long as payments have been collected from the non-custodial parent in excess of $500. This fee does not apply to families on public assistance.

The Hawaii child support authorities can take action for the payment of child support and also help custodial parents establish paternity including genetic testing. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Hawaii lawyers.