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Alaska’s commitment to child support laws and regulations has led to significant changes over the last decade. The state’s focus on ensuring the well-being of children and supporting families is evident through the updates made to its child support framework. This article provides a succinct summary of key changes in Alaska’s child support laws and regulations from 2013 to 2023.

2013: Child Support Guidelines Review

   – Comprehensive review and adjustment of child support guidelines to reflect changing economic realities.

2014: Income Imputation Guidelines

   – Introduction of guidelines for imputing income in cases where a parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed.

2015: Remote Hearing Adoption

   – Adoption of remote hearing options to facilitate child support proceedings for remote or busy parents.

2016: Shared Responsibility Emphasis

   – Emphasis on shared financial responsibility for children’s needs in joint custody arrangements.

2017: Outreach and Education Programs

   – Implementation of programs to educate parents about their rights and responsibilities regarding child support.

2018: Medical Support Enhancement

   – Enhancement of mechanisms for providing medical support to children, including health insurance coverage.

2019: Cost-of-Living Adjustments

   – Incorporation of cost-of-living adjustments to ensure child support obligations remain relevant.

2020: Electronic Payment Options

   – Introduction of electronic payment options for convenient and secure child support payments.

2021: Income Withholding Strengthening

   – Strengthening of income withholding mechanisms to ensure consistent child support payments.

2022: Modification Process Simplification

   – Simplified procedures for requesting modifications to child support orders based on changing circumstances.

2023: Online Resources Expansion

   – Expansion of online resources to provide parents with comprehensive information about child support.

Alaska’s child support framework continues to evolve, reflecting its dedication to safeguarding the interests of children and families. As the state adapts its laws to changing needs and technologies, open dialogue and education remain essential for ensuring a fair and supportive child support system.

Child support in Alaska is administered by the Alaska Child Support Services Division which assists custodial parents in securing child support payments.

Among the mechanisms for enforcement, the Alaska Child Support authorities can arrange such penalties as automatic income withholding as well as confiscating tax refund checks and dividends from the Alaska Permanent Fund.

The Alaska Permanent Fund divides revenue derived from the state’s petroleum resources. The Alaska CSSD is able to deal with unique circumstances and Alaska law defining child support obligations for Alaska residents.

Child support payments can be made through wage withholding or in person, in the CSSD office in Anchorage. There are additional CSSD offices in Juneau and Fairbanks.