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Over the past ten years, Alabama’s child support laws and regulations have experienced significant modifications, reflecting the state’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of children while addressing the evolving needs of families. This article presents a concise overview of key updates in Alabama’s child support laws and regulations from 2013 to 2023.

2013: Child Support Guidelines Refinement

   – Adjustment and refinement of child support guidelines to ensure accuracy in calculations.

2014: Income Considerations Expansion

   – Expansion of income sources considered for calculating child support obligations.

2015: Medical Expenses Allocation

   – Introduction of guidelines for allocating medical expenses related to children’s needs.

2016: Shared Custody Support Considerations

   – Consideration of shared custody arrangements when determining child support.

2017: Financial Disclosure Enhancement

   – Strengthened requirements for financial disclosure to accurately assess child support obligations.

2018: Child Support Enforcement Mechanisms

   – Implementation of effective mechanisms to enforce child support payments.

2019: Modification Review Streamlining

   – Streamlined procedures for requesting modifications to child support orders.

2020: Virtual Hearings Adoption

   – Adoption of virtual hearings to facilitate child support proceedings.

2021: Online Payment Options

   – Introduction of online payment options to enhance convenience for child support payments.

2022: Cost-of-Living Adjustments

   – Incorporation of cost-of-living adjustments to ensure child support obligations keep pace with economic changes.

2023: Accessibility and Information Enhancements

   – Improvements in accessibility to child support information and resources for families.

Alabama’s commitment to refining child support laws underscores its dedication to promoting the welfare of children and supporting families in transition. As the legal landscape continues to evolve, it remains crucial for stakeholders and the public to engage in constructive discussions that prioritize the best interests of children and families.

Child support claims in Alabama are enforced by the CSE Division that helps custodial parents establish paternity, obtain orders for the payment of child support and ensure compliance with existing orders of child support.

Child support payments in Alabama will depend on a few factors, including the gross income of both parents, contributions to insurance and daycare, number of children involved, and the existence of other children that the noncustodial spouse is paying support to.

In instances where there are multiple orders for support, the amount of support is determined proportionally.

Payments made through income withhold are processed by the Alabama Child Support Payment center and that payment is disbursed via check, direct deposit, or debit card, depending on the preference of the custodial parent. Contact an Alabama lawyer to review your case.