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Quick Overview to Common Questions

Quick Overview to Common Questions
The confusion and stress that surround a divorce can be difficult to deal with.

Adding children into the situation makes things even more complicated.

There are many different laws that involve child custody, visitation, and child support.

Guidelines vary depending on the state that one is in, as well as the specific circumstances at play. However, there are some general rules that hold true in every state.

Every parent who is facing child visitation decisions may have some common questions when it comes to the laws and guidelines that surround the issue of child visitation.

It’s important to remember that flexibility is important when dealing with child visitation schedules. A judge is likely to want to work with parents who are flexible and who have the common interest of making their child happy.

Parents should remember that their child’s happiness should be more important than anything. Every decision about visitation that parents make should aim to benefit the child.