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How to Obtain Child Custody Help


Fighting for child custody can be a difficult process, especially without the assistance of an attorney. But it is possible for a Petitioner or Respondent to handle a petition for child custody without the use of a lawyer.


Steps to Getting Child Custody Help


• Visit or Call the County Courthouse


This simple step seeks to serve the purpose of first off finding out where child custody cases are handled. Generally speaking, any state has a division or circuit court called the ‘family court.’


This is where all child custody help is handled. If a Petitioner or Respondent has trouble finding the family court, simply looking in the phone book in the government guide can make it easier. Anyone can call the county clerk’s office or the mayor’s office to ask where the family court is located in the county courthouse.


• Ask the Question: “How Do I Get Child Custody Help?”


The purpose of getting a hold of the family court is to ask this important question. This is the rule of law: it’s there to serve the public. Anyone can enter the courthouse for the purpose of obtaining help. In many courthouses, there are even legal aid departments to assist in obtaining the correct forms free of charge.


More often than not, a simple call to the office of the family court clerk can answer a ton of questions about child custody help. They are, however, unable to assist in the particular child custody case; a lawyer can provide that service. But any Petitioner or Respondent can know what to do about child custody and get the appropriate child custody help on the legal level with the appropriate calls and documents.


• Gather All the Information


Without a doubt, all the child custody help won’t mean a thing if a Petitioner or Respondent doesn’t fill out the forms with all the appropriate information. You would all dates of birth for you, the other parent, and the child(ren).


In addition, addresses are necessary; work addresses are also necessary. You will need every single social security number; so if you don’t know the other parent’s social security number, find out.


• Be Patient and Considerate


Child custody can be a testy situation, but be sure not to take out that frustration on court personnel. Court paperwork filing can take quite awhile, so the best thing to do – especially in the courthouse – is take your time and breathe.


The smoother the process goes, the better.


• Always Ask Questions


The more questions you ask, the better it will look on your part. That’s a hidden reality when it comes to family law. Think of any questions that concern you: any additional forms, filling them out, delivery of copies, court and document fees, court dates. You name it.


The better informed you are, the better prepared you’ll be for a child custody petition.


Then There’s the Court Hearing


The reality is no one can be prepared for facing the issue of child custody in court, especially when there are no lawyers present.


The best thing to do is be respectful. Remember that in a court of law there are no personal feelings at all. Leave them out the door. The issue is with the children. You as a single party to the case are presenting in front of the judge or mediator, not the other parent.


More often than not, you may be simply answering yes/no questions. Chances are the mediator/judge will know important details of the case, so simply answering correctly will benefit you in the long run.