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How to File for Child Custody

How to File for Child Custody


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It’s paramount to know the details and processes on how to file for child custody. But one thing a Petitioner or Respondent must know is this: a lawyer isn’t necessary but helpful. Anyone can file for custody with the appropriate documents and direction without the assistance of an attorney. Having knowledge of those documents and what to do exactly is important.


It’s crucial to know how to file for child custody on your own. Because sometimes a lawyer won’t be financially possible. Here’s what you need to know:


The Process on How to File for Child Custody


• Finding Out Where the ‘Family Court’ Is


How to file for child custody is essentially saying the same thing as “how to find a parking spot by the courthouse.” Because inevitably any Petitioner or Respondent must visit the courthouse in order to learn more about how to file for child custody.


This is particularly in the case of ‘Family Court.’ Family Court is the division of the courts specifically handling all child custody cases. Finding a way to contact the clerk of that court is crucial to learning more about the filing process.


In addition, anyone can look in the phone book, specifically in the government section, to find the number to the county ‘family court.’ Other possibilities include a call to the county clerk’s office for the actual phone number, or even a call to the mayor’s office for the actual phone number.


• Get the Rundown on the Process


Once contacting the Family Court, a Petitioner or Respondent must ask about the proper steps toward a custody petition. Know this: it’s no complex matter.


Simply obtaining the correct document – which may be provided by e-mail attachment or fax if the clerk is able to provide that – and knowing where to file it within the circuit courts and courthouse is all that’s needed.


• Obtain All the Information You Need


This is something the clerk will most certainly inform any Petitioner or Respondent upon the event that a child custody petition will be in order. After obtaining the correct document, making sure you have everything from social security numbers to phone numbers and everything in between – addresses, work addresses, names, dates of birth – will be absolutely mandatory in a child custody petition.


So if you’re seeking a child custody petition, make sure you have all that information.


From That Point, It’s All Downhill


All that’s left is to simply file the petition. A Petitioner or Respondent will check on every piece of information in the petition one last time before heading out to the courthouse, but the rest will be up to the court personnel, and in a simple matter of time a court date will be presented for child custody.


When that court date has been established, handling the child custody case is the next step. It’s a definite one, for sure; but know that the filing for custody was handled correctly, and that’s a big part of the whole process.