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What You Need To Know To Win A Custody Battle

What You Need To Know To Win A Custody Battle

In some cases after a divorce, parents will argue over the care of their children.

If one side knows they are a better parent or option for full-time care, they will embark on a custody battle to obtain full rights of the child.

When filing for custody, it is important to understand the documentation needed to initiate the battle.

The documentation needed for a child custody battle is in essence the foundation of the case.

Providing solid documentation or evidence against the other parent will bolster your case to receive full custody.

The primary documentation needed to file for child custody is used to prove to the court system and convince the judge that the issuing party is best suited to develop and care for the child.

During custody cases, every minute detail should be elucidated upon: documentation that shows parenting skills, daily interactions of the parent with the child, past conduct, and detailed records of past events to demonstrate your abilities as a parent.

In addition, documentation that demonstrates questionable behavior (domestic violence, abuse, drug usage) of the other parent will bolster a child custody case.