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Child Custody Hearing At A Glance

Child Custody Hearing At A Glance

When engaging in a child custody battle, the two sides (typically the parents fighting for the rights of custody) will often engage in a bitter and emotional battle to ensure the delivery of their custody rights.

All custody trials are administered and overheard by your local state’s family court system.

The two sides will present their case in front of a judge, who will then grant a final decision (in accordance with the state’s interpretation of custody laws) regarding who is delivered full custody of the child.

The two sides, who can include legal professionals in their dispute, will deliver all documents and information as to why they are the appropriate choice for full custody to the judge, and in a broader sense, the jurisdiction or community in which their case is being heard.

Although the judge presiding over the case delivers the final custody decision, the court must maintain the interpretation of the state’s views on family laws.