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Free Family Law Advice

Free Family Law Advice

Where to Find Free Family Law Advice

Hopefully, in this day and age, the information will never be bought or sold at a premium.

Think of how the internet works – it’s always going to be free. At least free to use anywhere (so long as there’s a paid internet connection, of course!).

The same will go for the law. It’s free for everyone to learn. And you don’t need to get a law degree to do that. Learning the law isn’t the same as practicing it.

That’s Why It’s Possible for Anyone to Get Free Family Law Advice

You just have to know where to look. Whether you’re dealing with juvenile delinquency, adoption, child abuse, spousal abuse, marriage, divorce, legal separation – it doesn’t matter. There’s information out there to help you get prepared for whatever the situation may be.

The first step would be to find out where and how to contact what is known as the “Family Court.” Typically, that’s a division from within the circuit courts of your state.

Although the location of such a court differs from state to state. Believe it or not, the Family Court office can provide just that free family law advice everyone would love to have for any legal situation.

And all it takes is a trip to the courthouse.

Of course, someone might not have the convenient means to visit the courthouse; but you can still get a hold of the Family Court office by phone and get the answers you need with some free family law advice.

If it’s divorce, the clerk would simply tell you to obtain a Petition for Divorce document, fill it out in this way or that way, get it filed at the courthouse appropriately, and the rest can all fall into place.

Other Alternatives to Getting Free Family Law Advice

Sometimes getting that free family law advice is for preparation. So know this: just getting advice isn’t the same as getting representation from a lawyer!

It’s a general policy for attorneys to offer what is called a ‘free consultation.’ And it can either be on the phone or even in person. It’s simply a meeting between you and an attorney to discuss the issue, whatever it may be. There’s no expectation to hire an attorney during this meeting; remember that.

All a client does is talk about the problem. And, generally, an attorney will listen. And advise. All of it’s free of charge.

Furthermore, every courthouse in the country may have what’s called a ‘legal assistance center,’ a place where people can receive all kinds of advice on how to proceed in any situation – be it a possible criminal case, probate issue, copyright claim, and yes even issues within family law, such as divorce.

They even offer all the appropriate documents for simple pennies to pay for the copy paper. And then it’s right in your hands, everything you need to know about the family law issue you may have.

Family Law Is About Family

Better yet, the law exists for you, the citizen – not just for a means to justice, or due process.

So don’t think that you can’t learn about it all on your own. It’s there for you. Remember that when there’s a family law issue you need to deal with – learn about what you’re dealing with, and then proceed from there.