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Uncontested Divorce Wyoming

Uncontested Divorce Wyoming


Uncontested Divorce Wyoming Guide


What is an Uncontested Divorce Wyoming?


Most people define an uncontested divorce Wyoming as any divorce in the state in which all the terms are agreed upon in advance, from how much child support payments should be to whether a divorce is even necessary.


Who Can Get an Uncontested Divorce Wyoming?


You must simply pass Wyoming’s residency test to apply for an uncontested divorce Wyoming. Passing requires one of two things, either that one spouse has been a state resident for the sixty days before initial filing or that the marriage occurred in Wyoming and the couple has maintained residency in the state since.


What Forms Will I Need for Uncontested Divorce Wyoming?


Even though it is much simpler to get an uncontested divorce Wyoming than a contested one, it is still no simple process. In particular, it means needing to file reams worth of paperwork with the District Court in order to get your motion processed. 


Here are the forms that couples without minor children will need to file for an uncontested divorce Wyoming:


Form DNCP 4, a Vital Statistics Form, recording the divorce for public statistics.


Form DNCP 5, a Complaint for Divorce, which officially begins the divorce process.


Form DNCP 7, an acknowledgement and Acceptance of Service, in which the non-petitioning spouse agrees to a divorce.


Form DNCP 24, an Affidavit for Divorce without Appearance of the Parties, waiving the spouses’ right to speak to the court and therefore speeding up the process.


Form DNCP 26, a Decree of Divorce, containing the marital settlement which spells out all the terms of divorce and officially granting that status to the marriage.


Will I Need Additional Forms if I Have Children?


As if all those forms weren’t enough, additional paperwork is required to dissolve a marriage which has resulted or will result in a minor child.  


Form DWCP 12, a Confidential Financial Affidavit, which must be completed for each spouse and describes their income, expenses and other financial information.


Form DWCP 12, an Order Requiring Completion of Financial Affidavits, ordering W-2 forms and other verification for the financial affidavit.


Form DWCP 20, an Income Withholding Order, concerning the payment of child support.


Form DWCP 21, Notice to Payor, asking for a spouse’s employer to send a stipulated percentage of their paycheck to Wyoming Disbursement Unit for child support payments.


Form DWCP 31, an Affidavit for Divorce Without Appearance of Parties, which declares that an agreement has been reached between the two spouses and the divorce is ready to be finalized.


Form DWCP 33, a Confidential Statement of Parties for Child Support Order, which gives personal information about the child.


Form DWCP 34, a Decree of Divorce with Minor Child, containing the parenting plan and marital settlement and officially granting divorced status to the marriage.


Form DWCP 37, a Certificate of Mailing Decree of Divorce, which is mailed to the spouses and certifies that the divorce has been finalized.