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Alabama Divorce Forms

Alabama Divorce Forms


Quick Guide to Alabama Divorce Forms


A variety of conditions influences how many Alabama divorce forms you need to fill out.  If you have children, you will have to fill out more forms.  It is important to file each AL divorce forms at the appropriate time in order for the divorce process to move as smoothly as possible.  It’s advisable to hire a family law attorney to help you along every step of the divorce process, but you may still choose to go through the process without a lawyer.  


Divorce with no children


There are five Alabama forms you must absolutely fill out if you are involved in a divorce without children.  The Alabama divorce forms absolutely necessary include:


1) Divorce Complaint

2) Plaintiff’s Testimony

3) Request for Divorce Judgment by Default

4) Request to Continue Trial

5) Answer to Complaint


Plaintiff’s Testimony


This form is the first form that must be submitted to the County Clerk’s office. The form is fairly simple and applies to divorce proceedings with no children and no assets or debts for the Court to divide.  The following information is needed:


1) Names of the spouses

2) Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s contact information

3) The date and location of the marriage

4) The date of separation and last address where the two spouses lived together

5) If the plaintiff wants their maiden name back, the last name must be listed


Divorce Complaint


The following information is stated or needed within the Divorce Complaint:


1) Each spouse’s contact information, date and location of marriage

2) Proof that the defendant is at least 19

3) Time of separation

4) Proof that spouse’s have already divided property, do not own any real estate together, have no joint liabilities, that neither party can get along anymore, and that the marriage cannot be fixed. 


Request for Divorce Judgment by Default


This form is an extension of the divorce complaint and provides the following information:


1) Each spouse’s name, their circuit court, and the plaintiff’s mailing address

2) Signature specifying the need for no lawyer

3) Evidence that the Divorce Complaint was served to the other spouse

4) Whether the other spouse is in the military or not

5) The spouse did not appear in court or file any papers within the 30-day deadline

6) Permission to grant a divorce and have the other spouse pay court costs


Request to Continue Trial


This Alabama divorce form is used to continue or postpone a trial for any reasons associated with the divorce.  The following information is needed:


1) Case number

2) What type of court, the county, and the plaintiff and defendant’s name

3) Date of trial and reason to continue or postpone trial 

4) If using a lawyer, what steps taken to hire a lawyer

5) Proof of what the other party said when told the trial is continuing


Answer to Complaint


This form serves as an answer for the complaint and notifies the defendant that they are being sued.  The form gives specific instruction to the defendant if the disagrees with the plaintiff’s claims.  You also tell the court how to handle the case by checking appropriate boxes.  


If you have any children or joint estates or liabilities, you will be required to fill out more forms that can be found on the state’s official judiciary website.