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Divorce Checklist for Men

Divorce Checklist for Men


The Best Divorce Checklist for Men


It’s easy to say that no man can be prepared enough for the heartache that is divorce. And it’s not just any generic heartache. It can be financial. It can be emotional. It can be like a prison. Divorce is not easy.


But a Divorce Checklist for Men Will Inevitably Help in the Long Run


How’s that? Simply put, from the very beginning when the petition was about to be filed to years from the final judgment of divorce, a good divorce checklist for men keeps everything in order.


Nothing can disorganize a man more than facing an unwanted divorce and having to change the entire life. That’s why a man’s going to want that divorce checklist for men, designated for men dealing with divorce, designated for men suffering from it.


Here’s what every man needs to know about how to cope with divorce….


• Prepare for Everything Before the Petition Is Even Filed


That includes possible grounds for divorce. In the divorce checklist for men, you’re going to want to list every possible instance that your wife can establish proper grounds for divorce – irreconcilable differences, possible abuse, neglect, prison. It could be anything. This is especially important, too, simply over the fact that something she might consider to be grounds for divorce, under the divorce laws of the state may not be.


In which case she wouldn’t be able to even file for divorce. That’s important to know.


• Gather All Pieces of Paperwork


The next step in the divorce checklist for men is to collect every piece of important information you can that was obtained during the marriage: insurance papers, credit reports, bank statements, mortgage documents, investments, credit card statements. Basically everything.


Why? Because if the possibility does come to fruition that you may have to move out, better have all those documents in your possession, or you may as well be left blind in a completely new life without your wife.


• Joint Bank Account Severance


This is especially important. Why?


Because you definitely don’t want your soon-to-be ex-wife having to go into the family bank account to handle the daily bills and activities. It’s not about a trust issue here. When divorce occurs, a complete separation is necessary – that means physical means, money, everything.


• Find a Lawyer


This may or may not be a given. In fact, it’s a toss-up. It should, however, still be included in the checklist for obvious reasons. The fact remains: most divorces end up as no-fault, mutual agreement; and most of the time as the years pass those divorces continue as it should, especially if no children are involved.


If alimony is an issue, though, or if children are in fact involved, hiring and retaining a good family law attorney would be very helpful just in case issues should arise in the divorce that would require the assistance of an attorney.


The Checklist Is Finished


As always, though, you can never be too prepared – and sometimes you may feel like you’re not prepared enough. But the bottom line is this:


A good divorce checklist designed for men will at least help you change the feeling of not being prepared enough to being prepared well.