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Cheap Divorce in Florida

Cheap Divorce in Florida


Because of its high filing fees, Florida can by default be one of the most expensive states in the United States to get a divorce in. Filing fees can be as high as $400, but there are many ways for couples to otherwise minimize the cost of their separation. To ensure a relatively cheap divorce in Florida, both parties must work jointly in good faith to resolve their disagreements over the terms of separation before going to court.


To begin the formal divorce process, one spouse must file a petition with their district family court. The filing fee must be paid at this time, although it can be waived if you receive a civil indecency waiver stating you do not have the financial back up to do so. If you are unwilling to serve the papers to your spouse directly, you may have to pay a fee to a sheriff’s office or process server to perform this task.


Working together to obtain a cheap divorce in Florida, a couple must be able to find to a mutually acceptable agreement over areas of dispute such as:


• Division of shared property

• Alimony payments

• Child support payments

• Child custody

• Payment of joint debts

• Visitation rights


There are many generic templates provided online that couples can use to draw up a legally acceptable separation agreement. Creating this document ahead of time will make it easy to submit it as soon as possible for the court’s approval. This will expedite the process and eliminate the uncertainty of agreeing to a judge’s verdict, which may prove unsatisfactory to both parties.


If couples cannot agree to the terms of their separation, they may still be able to reduce the cost of obtaining a cheap divorce in Florida by coming to an agreement in court-supervised informal hearings mediated by public figures. A more expensive variant is hiring a lawyer specializing in divorce mediation who can help both spouses resolve their differences. In both cases, reaching an agreement during the pretrial process is in the best interest of both parties.


Should no agreement be reached, you are not required to hire a lawyer to advise or represent you in family court. This attorney may not be any mediation lawyer you have hired. In finding a lawyer, you will be taking on significant expenses that will make it difficult to get a cheap divorce in Florida. Whether you are charged a flat fee or by the hour, it is important to find out during your first meeting with any divorce lawyer you are thinking of hiring exactly how much you can expect to be charged for their services.


One factor that can make divorces more expensive for one spouse is alimony. A judge may decide to award alimony on the basis of:


• The marriage’s length

• The standard of living throughout the marriage

• Both spouses’ earning capabilities


Such payments may be ordered for a fixed period of time or an indefinite basis. The judge will have final authority in determining whether or not you get a cheap divorce in Florida.