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How Do I Get a Copy of My Divorce Decree

How Do I Get a Copy of My Divorce Decree

That’s such a crucial question for many, because it’s actually relatively easy to lose the copy that was initially sent to you upon the final judgment for divorce. And without a doubt it’s pretty dangerous not having a copy of the Divorce Decree in your possession.

So you may ask “how do I get a copy of my Divorce Decree?” thinking that it may not be possible. Here’s the good thing: it is possible. But how?

The Vital Statistics Office

That’s the place you’re going to want to go to. Whenever asking the questions, like “how do I get a copy of my Divorce Decree?” or “how do I get a copy of my birth certificate?” or “how do I get a copy of my son’s birth certificate?”, that’s where you go: the Vital Statistics office.

The office generally is located in the county courthouse from where you reside. And know that the personnel there are very used to hearing questions like “how do I get a copy of my Divorce Decree?”. It does happen all the time. So don’t feel ashamed.

How Do I Get a Copy of My Divorce Decree? The Required Steps

You can either write to the Vital Statistics office, or you can pay a visit there. Either way, you’re going to need all of this information ready:

• The Date of the Request

• Full Names of Both Spouses

• Ex-Husband’s Last Name in Upper Case

• Ex-Wife’s Maiden Name in Upper Case

• Date of the Divorce or Annulment

• Divorce Petition Location

• The Final Decree Type (“Fault” Divorce, “No-Fault” Divorce, etc.)

• Relationship With Either or Both Parties (If not Either Party)

• Reason for Obtaining the New Copy

• Name and Address (If Not Either Party)

• State and Driver’s License

• And Then, of Course, Your Signature


Making sure you have all those details ready for the clerk to do the proper work in finding the correct decree is crucial. The answer to the question “how do I get a copy of my Divorce Decree” couldn’t be any easier.

Just in Case You Can’t Make It to the Vital Statistics Office….

You can, of course, write a letter. But be sure to follow these important guidelines as well:

• Be Concise and Quick

• One Request Per Letter

• All Addresses and Names Listed

• S.A.S.E. (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope)

• And, of Course, Patience!

You have to keep in mind that courthouse personnel, specifically in the Vital Statistics office get swamped really easy with all the documents they handle. Think about it: they hold all the vital information for every citizen in the county in which the office resides.

So recognize the task laid out for them. And don’t take it out on them.

Because Losing That Copy of Divorce Decree Is Serious

That’s obvious, but know if these steps are followed to the law, another copy of the Divorce Decree will be provided.