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Colorado Divorce Forms

Colorado Divorce Forms


Quick Guide to Colorado Divorce Forms


Colorado divorce forms are generally laid out quite easily and petitioners and respondents may find the documents quite user-friendly.  The Colorado State Judicial Branch has a complete list of all forms with links to both PDFs and Word documents.  


Apart from CO divorce forms, the Colorado State Judicial Branch’s official government website also has informational manuals that may help a person through the divorce process.  There is a flowchart for a divorce or separation with children, general steps to getting a divorce with children, and instructions for filing for dissolution of marriage with children.  


Although most of the forms are user friendly, you should still consider seeking the legal advice of a family law attorney if you are thinking about filing for divorce in CO.  A family law attorney will help you fill out the right Colorado divorce forms at the right time and in the correct format.


Below are some of the important CO divorce forms you will need:


JDF 1000 : Case Information Sheet

This form gives the personal information and contact information of both the petitioner and the respondent.  The form also lists the current address, sex, age, and social security numbers of all the children.  You must check a box listing whether you decide to use an attorney or plan self-representation.  


JDF1101 : Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation

This form must be filed with JDF 1000.  The Colorado divorce form officially specifies whether the two parties are seeking a divorce or separation.  The form also asks for the date of marriage, the date of separation, the place of marriage, whether the wife is pregnant or not, and what children belong to whom or were adopted during the marriage.  


JDF 1102 : Summons for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation

This form acts as a formal agreement for both parties and states that either party cannot disturb the peace of the other party, are restrained from removing children from the state, and are restrained from transferring or disposing of any assets that belong to both parties.  


JDF 1111 : Sworn Financial Statement

This document is extremely detailed and very long.  It’s in your best interest to hire a lawyer to help you fill out this document.  The form asks for all wages, liabilities, insurance benefits, and any other assets or estate a parent might own.  This form will be used to determine spousal support and child support.  


JDF 1113 : Parenting Plan

This document is extremely detailed as well.  The CO divorce form lists all of the child custody rights each parent is entitled to.  The document lists who is entitled to major decisions in categories such as education, medical and dental health, religious practices, extracurricular activities, and other such responsibilities.  The Colorado divorce form also specifies different kinds of visitation privileges during the school year, summer, and weekend.  The form lists the financial responsibilities of each parent toward the child’s expenses, and it also lists which parent receives custody during every holiday of the year.