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Kansas Divorce Forms

Kansas Divorce Forms


Quick Guide to Kansas Divorce Forms


Kansas divorce forms are fairly simple compared to other states.  The state has individual documents, but they also have a Legal Services’ Interactive Process to help a person fill out the correct KS divorce forms.  You can find both the interactive software and the individual divorce forms under the official website of the Kansas Judicial Council.  


You may decide one method is easier than the other depending on your preferences, but regardless of your choice, you should still seek the services of a family law attorney.  Your lawyer can advise you when filling out the correct Kansas divorce forms, and you may decide to seek representation as well farther down the road.  


The following documents are some important Kansas divorce forms under the Kansas Judicial Council:


Petition for Divorce


The petition lists the current addresses of both the petitioner and the respondent, all of the children’s names and current address, and where the children have lived for the last five years.  A female spouse must provide a maiden name and the petitioner must specify whether they want spousal support or not.  


Voluntary Entry of Appearance


This form is for the respondent and states that they agree to the divorce and do not need a summons of the petition.  This form must be signed in front of notary public.  


Summons (In State)


The summons notifies the respondent about the divorce and gives them 21 days to act before a judgment by default.  The document asks for proof that the summons was returned by asking for specific dates, times, and manners in which the summons was returned.  


Domestic Relations Affidavit 


This form asks for all personal and contact information of each parent and minor children.  The form also asks for financial information on wages, types of employment, taxes, and assets.  The person must list all liabilities and complete a very long, detailed list of all expenses from utilities to haircuts and gas for the vehicle.  


Parenting Plan


This Kansas divorce form is used for all actions involved in child custody and visitation rights.  The KS divorce form asks for general information and detailed information on child custody plans during the school year, weekend, summer, holidays, and vacations.  The parenting plan will also ask for joint legal custody or sole legal custody.  


Worksheet for Divorce or Annulment Vital Statistics


This form is mainly for filing services but is still very important.  The form asks about 40 questions about anything from your attorney’s address to your pats education and past marriages.  


Decree of Divorce


This KS divorce form serves as the final contract in the divorce.  The document finalizes property division, child custody and child support, alimony, and any other issues within the divorce.  


Child Support Worksheet


This form lets the judge determine who will pay child support and how much the parent will pay.  The form asks for spouse’s incomes, their occupations, and adjustment to incomes.  The form then lays out a formula for computation of support, adjustments, and deviations that allow a parent to know what percentages they are entitled to.