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Divorce Without a Lawyer

Divorce Without a Lawyer


Divorce Without a Lawyer: Is It Possible?


Be surprised, because that concept is more than just possible – it’s likely. Divorce without a lawyer is actually more common than fault divorces that enter into court and last for months and months of deliberation and dispute. Why?


Most Divorces Actually Begin With Both Parties Agreeing to Separate


And that’s really the key. Even when one party is unhappy with separating, ultimately an agreement is made anyway, because there’s no real hope of salvaging the marriage. Furthermore, whatever the provisions are, it always seems to be the best way to just agree, even if it may seem unfair.


Divorces aren’t fun, really. So no one wants to have to go through a much worse experience than they have to.


Let’s not forget that attorneys do cost money.


But How Does One Handle a Divorce Without a Lawyer?


There are plenty of ways, really. You have to remember that a divorce is simply a ‘process,’ not a ‘dispute.’ Unless you make it into a ‘dispute.’


What it all boils down to are documents. Simple court documents. Knowing what to file, when to file, and what to expect after filing is all that it takes to get a divorce petition going. I don’t think anyone can imagine an attorney getting paid a sizeable fee just to file the correct documents.


Once again, I repeat: that’s really all divorce is. It’s about filing the right documents.


So How Do You Obtain Those Documents?


Specific documents like the actual Petition, the Marital Settlement Agreement, the Financial Statement, and Affidavits are actually public material. Simply walk into any legal assistance department in a county courthouse, and you can obtain all those documents.


Need personal assistance to deal with a divorce without a lawyer, and you’ve got the documents? Maybe you’re confused as to what you should do?


Don’t be confused; everything you need to know is right at the other end of a phone or on the other side of a counter where you can talk to a clerk or even simply consult with an attorney casually about the process of filling out the Petition yourself, completing a Marital Settlement Agreement, and all of the rest.


The only thing you would have to worry about is this: document filing fees. And that’s not going to break anyone’s bank.


Would I Ever Have to Be in Court?


Chances are if you (and your spouse) really don’t even need a lawyer, you may never see a courtroom during the whole process, because the agreement has already been made. No judge needs to make it for you.


That’s basic with a divorce without a lawyer. Lawyers persuade, convince, petition – when the divorce has already been agreed, it’s called a divorce without a lawyer.


Just Remember – There Has to Be an Agreement


Once something clashes between two ex-spouses, though, the story changes. And maybe lawyers will be a must…. But until then, give the attorneys the rest and possibly handle the divorce all on your own!


It’ll save money, time, headaches, and a heck of a lot of frustration.