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What Are The General Reasons Alimony

What Are The General Reasons Alimony

Alimony reform organizations have sprung up in the last decade to argue against current alimony policies that dictate divorce settlements.

Alimony reform groups have several arguments for changing the alimony guidelines that exist today.

Arguments by those who pay alimony are based on the long-term financial strain inflicted on them.

Their request for alimony reform argues that paying permanent alimony to someone they are no longer legally bound or involved with, is unfair.

Alimony reform activists say that the permanent payments affect not only themselves but any future spouses or partners, as well as other family members.

While there are several circumstances that spouses can use to seek alimony modification after divorce settlements, remarriage by the payer is not usually one of them.

Permanent alimony is only awarded if a couple’s circumstances meet certain qualifications.

With this in mind, recipients of alimony in a divorce settlement argue that it is not fair for them to have to be thrown back into the workforce and expect to be financially comfortable, especially if they previously stayed at home to raise the couple’s children.

Alimony reform organizations especially have a problem with Massachusetts state alimony rules, which are considered to be very unfair to an alimony payer’s next spouse.

It is also argued that although alimony laws are not supposed to consider gender a factor when awarding alimony, women are favored in divorce settlements.

Many people believe individuals both for and against alimony reform have valid points when it comes to debating alimony policies. However, right now the policies remain unchanged