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What Are The Implications of Life Time Support

What Are The Implications of Life Time Support
When an individual is facing permanent alimony marriage While these guidelines seem fair to some people, others argue that it harms both spouses.

Critics claim that being the recipient of alimony takes working toward financial independence off of the recipient’s priority list, even if they could take steps to do so.

Those seeking to ban permanent alimony argue that a spouse who is awarded permanent alimony in their divorce proceedings will be less likely to try to improve their financial status, and may pass up opportunities that they should take in order to improve their lives.

The activists believe that rehabilitative alimony has a much better chance of helping dependent spouses achieve success by allowing them payments for a set period of time as they work towards financial independence.

Those who have to pay permanent alimony will also be harmed, supporters of a ban on permanent alimony payments argue. Paying permanent alimony can cause an individual to suffer major financial strain, especially if that individual remarries or has more children.

There are reasons that one may win a petition to modify alimony. However, usually, factors involving the paying spouse’s remarriage are not considered to be a valid reason to be granted permission to reduce permanent alimony payments.