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Alimony Calculator Nevada


A Short Introduction to Nevada Alimony Calculators



What is a Nevada alimony calculator?



Alimony calculators are used to estimate the amount a person we ordered to pay their ex-spouse as party of a divorce settlement. Though child support calculators are common, alimony calculators are not because the laws stipulating alimony awards are much looser.



Even though it is practically impossible to find an accurate Nevada alimony calculator, there are still simple ways to predict what your alimony payment will be. All you have to do is research Nevada’s alimony calculation laws.



Are there any Nevada alimony calculators?



While it is hardly a Nevada alimony calculator, there is a simple formula that you can use to predict what amount of alimony a spouse’s legal team might request. The formula works as follows:



1.  Calculate your joint married cost of living. If you spent time separated prior to your divorce, then look into the costs for the last time when you lived together. Make sure to subtract from the gross costs all costs attributable to a child or other dependents. This must strictly be a measure of the cost for the married couple to live together.



2. Divide by 2 to get the individual married standard of living, or the money that it might be estimated for a person to live with the standard of living established during their marriage. Remember, this is just a rough estimate.



3. Now subtract the income of the spouse who is seeking alimony from the individual standard of living. The difference is the amount that the higher-income spouse might have to pay in alimony so as to help the lower-income spouse continue to live at their previous standard of living.



4. If you want to see how much that would be as monthly alimony payments, simply divide by 12.



What factors should a Nevada alimony calculator consider?



State law in Nevada asks for judges to take into account many different factors when deciding on how much alimony they will order. Here are the different elements that a judge should consider when putting together your alimony order:



1. The income and finances of each spouse;



2. The property allotted to each spouse in a divorce settlement;



3. How much each spouse contributed to the property divided in a divorce settlement;



4. How long the marriage lasted, especially if it was five years or more;



5. The ability for each spouse to work considering their physical and mental condition;



6. Whether either spouse contributed to the household as a homemaker;



7. Whether one spouse was asked or decided to give up on a career or an education for domestic purposes;



8. The standard of living that was established during the marriage;



9. The earning capacity of each spouse;



10. Whether additional education or training is needed for one spouse to competitively enter the workplace;



11. The age and health of each spouse.



The Nevada Statute naming the important factors is Nevada Statute 125.150. You can read it here: https://statutes.laws.com/nevada/title-11/chapter-125/divorce/125-150.