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Alimony Calculator Wyoming


A Short Guide to Wyoming Alimony Calculators


Defining Wyoming Alimony Calculators

An alimony calculator helps a person to estimate their monthly alimony payments based on a number of variables, but unfortunately they can only be considered accurate in states which rely on a formula to calculate alimony payments. In Wyoming, judges are allowed complete discretion on when and how much alimony to award, so alimony calculators in Wyoming are very rare and ineffective. However, it is easy to replicate the effects of an alimony calculator for Wyoming if you know about the judicial process.


Step 1: The Rough Estimate Alimony Calculator for Wyoming

This is all about getting a very approximate figure that you can later perfect. Just follow these simple steps to approximate an alimony calculator for Wyoming.

1.  Determine the joint married standard of living by adding together all the costs incurred by the divorcing couple during the year. That means things like rent, groceries and clothing, just not any costs incurred for children or anyone else besides the spouses. Remember that you are only looking for costs during cohabitation, so make sure to end before the period of separation began.

2. Gauge the individual married standard of living by dividing in half the joint standard found above. 

3. Subtract the income of the lower-earning spouse from the individual married standard of living. The resulting figure measures how much money will be needed to keep the lower-earning spouse living at a standard similar to that established during the marriage, and this is an amount that alimony will likely be set near.

4. If you want to see that amount as it will appear as a monthly payment, just divide the annual figure from Step #3 by 12.


For example, consider a divorcing couple who spend $80,000 each year. One spouse earns $20,000 each year, the other $64,000. The individual standard of living is set at $40,000 (half of $80,000). $40,000 less $20,000 is $20,000. The higher-earning spouse will pay the other spouse approximately $1,666 each month.


Step 2: Perfecting Your Wyoming Alimony Calculator

The only way to get a perfect Wyoming alimony calculator is to know exactly what the judge in your case will do, which is impossible. However, you can make yourself aware of the factors which often influence divorce judges in crafting alimony awards. Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide if the figure found above is too high or too low:

1. Is one spouse capable of working full time, or are they incapable because of their age, physical condition, or responsibilities as someone’s legal guardian?

2. Will the spouse requesting alimony benefit from further education to increase their earning potential?

3. Has either spouse increased the education or earning potential of the other during the marriage?

4. Has either spouse been found to be at-fault for the divorce?

5. How long did the marriage last?

6. Will the individual paying alimony be able to meet their own needs while paying?