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Uncontested Divorce Rhode Island

Uncontested Divorce Rhode Island


How to Get an Uncontested Divorce Rhode Island


What is an Uncontested Divorce Rhode Island?

An uncontested divorce Rhode Island is one in which both parties are in complete agreement about every term of divorce, not simply the need for a divorce. Any dispute can bring a divorce to trial and result in tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, so an uncontested divorce Rhode Island is a true money-saver.


Who Can Get an Uncontested Divorce Rhode Island?

In order to file for an uncontested divorce Rhode Island, you or your spouse need to have been a resident of the state for at least one year. You should file in the district in which either you or your spouse lives. 

Keep in mind that Rhode Island has no-fault divorce action, which means that you don’t need to cite specific grounds for your uncontested divorce Rhode Island such as adultery or abandonment; irreconcilable differences are reason enough.


What is the Process for Getting an Uncontested Divorce Rhode Island?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get an uncontested Divorce Rhode Island in one simple step. It is a process with multiple levels that will take months to complete. In general, filing for an uncontested divorce Rhode Island will follow along these steps:

1. Step 1: Preparation. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your divorce will really be an uncontested divorce Rhode Island. That means making sure that you and your spouse are eligible for divorce in the state, and then making sure that you see eye-to-eye on all issues. Eventually you will need to fill out a Marital Settlement Agreement which will be a legally-binding contract, so it’d be a great idea to start off with a rough draft of that.

2. Step 2: Initial Filing. The first papers will need to be signed. If you file for divorce jointly, you may be able to by-pass the serving process in which the petitioning spouse notifies the other spouse that a divorce is being initiated. A filing fee of approximately $100 will be needed at this type. A hearing date will be scheduled.

3. Step 3: Finalizing. Even more paper work is going to be required here, including the final versions of all your settlement documents. The judge will look over all of these forms, make sure that everything has been carried out according to the law and that the settlement seems to be fair, and then sign your Final Judgment of Divorce.


What Forms Will I Need to File for an Uncontested Divorce Rhode Island?

Forms may vary depending on the district you live in and the particularities of your case. Here are some of the forms you may need to file for uncontested divorce Rhode Island:


• Complaint for Divorce

• Verification of Accuracy of Complaint

• Marital Settlement Agreement

• Schedule for Visitation for Minor Children

• Declaration under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act

• Child Support Guidelines and Worksheet

• Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Service

• Notice of Hearing

• Final Judgment of Divorce