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Alimony Calculator Arizona


A Brief Introduction to Alimony Calculator, Arizona


What is an Arizona Alimony Calculator?


An Arizona alimony calculator helps you to estimate the amount of alimony you will pay. In general, you need to know both parties’ gross income and the length of the marriage to complete it.


What is an Example of an Arizona Alimony Calculator?


The website Alimony Formula has available an Arizona alimony calculator on their page. Simply type in the Gross Annual Income and the Net Annual Income of the Payor (of the alimony money) and of the Recipient (of the alimony money) and your alimony payment will be estimated.


The formula underlying this alimony calculator for Arizona is this: take the difference between the two spouses annual income and multiply it by the “marital duration factor,” or the years of a marriage times .015. (Note, the marital duration factor must be less than .5, and there is never any alimony when the marriage lasts less than 5 years or Recipient's income is 3/4 of the payor’s or more.


Keep in mind that while this Arizona alimony calculator is a good tool, it doesn’t govern all of the state. In fact, it is only based on the guidelines of one county, Maricopa County. Even if you live there, the judge in your case has the ultimate discretion on the amount of alimony that you will ultimately pay or have paid to you.


Is There another Alimony Calculator for Arizona Available?


Unfortunately, Maricopa is the only Arizona County with guidelines strict enough that an Arizona alimony calculator is possible. That said, there is quite a bit of information ready and available to help you calculate what your Arizona alimony payment may be.


The state guidelines only recommend that alimony payments be established if one of the following is true:


1. One spouse lacks sufficient property to provide for their own needs.

2. One spouse is unable to be employed. This could be because of disabilities or the requirements of keeping care of someone with disabilities, or it could be because of a lack of earning ability.

3. One spouse contributed financially to the education of the other.

4. The marriage lasted so long that employment for one spouse becomes impossible (i.e. they are now elderly).


The following factors will also be taken into account once it is decided that alimony will be paid, so they should affect your Arizona alimony calculator:


1. The standard of living of the marriage.

2. How long the marriage lasted.

3. The age and the earning ability of the Recipient spouse.

4. The ability of the Payor spouse to pay for alimony while maintaining the standard of living established in their marriage.

5. Whether one spouse’s income greatly outweighs the other spouse’s income.

6. Whether one spouse contributed to the education or employment opportunities of the other spouse.

7. Whether one spouse’s employment opportunities were reduced because of the other spouse.

8. Whether their children will need educations to be paid off.

9. Whether significant property has been allotted to either spouse.

10. Whether additional education is needed for one spouse to enter to workforce.

11. If harm was done to property by one spouse.

12. What the cost of health insurance for both spouses is.

13. If one spouse was caused injury by the other spouse or did violence to them.


All of the above information is from Arizona Statute § 25-319(B). Read it here