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Virginia Divorce Forms

Virginia Divorce Forms


Quick Guide to Virginia Divorce Forms

There are no official Virginia divorce forms under the official website of the state’s judicial court.  The website does give general information on divorce in Virginia, children within a divorce, and other services that may supply helpful information.  You may want to reference the Virginia State Bar or Lawyer Referral Service if you have any questions about VA divorces forms.  


Since there are not official Virginia divorce forms, you will need to contact an attorney as soon as possible if you’re thinking about filing for divorce.  A family law attorney can help you write up the required VA divorce forms, notify you when you should turn in to correct documents, and help you reach the best settlement agreement with your spouse.  


Although there are no official VA divorce forms, there are general forms your lawyer will absolutely use.  In order to save time, you may want to obtain some of the information needed below for each general document before asking your lawyer to write up your Virginia divorce forms.  


Petition for Divorce

This Virginia divorce form will list everything the petitioner wants to settle in and outside of court.  The plaintiff (or petitioner) must fill out this form.  



This document notifies the other spouse and announces that you are filing a lawsuit against them.  The form gives specific instructions on how the respondent should answer.  If the respondent fails to answer to the Summons, there may be a default divorce.  


Statement of Assets

This form usually lists all assets, liabilities, and detailed monthly expenses for each spouse.  In some cases, different states may require different forms for a detailed summary of both debts and income.  


Child Support Guidelines Worksheet

This Virginia divorce form would detail all support a non-custodial parent will pay.  The form may list when and how the parent must pay the child support, whether or not the non-custodial parent will provide health insurance and life insurance, and how long the parent will have to make payments.  The form usually lists all of the personal information for both the parents and the child.  If a parent is unhappy with the child support agreement or simply can’t afford the payments anymore, they may be able to file a petition and revise the initial agreement.  


Separation Agreement

This VA divorce form would list how all property, debts, finances, and any other joint marital property will be divided.  Spouses seeking an uncontested divorce usually use a similar kind of form, but if the two spouses cannot come to an agreement, they will have to stand in front of a judge.  The Court will then establish all fair values and proceed to split up all assets and debts accordingly.  


Decree of Divorce

These documents are usually fairly uniform from state to state.  This form must be prepared by the petitioner and their attorney and then signed by the judge.  Once the Separation Agreement is attached to this form and both are signed by a judge, the divorce become official.