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Washington Divorce Forms

Washington Divorce Forms


Quick Guide to Washington Divorce Forms

Washington divorce forms lie within a very organized and thorough service provided by the state.  You can view a complete list of all WA divorce forms by researching the official government website of the Washington Courts.  You will find the WA divorce forms under the tab of all State Court forms, and the documents are split up according to the divorce procedure they target.  


If you are thinking about filling out your WA divorce forms alone, you should still seek the legal services of a family law attorney.  Even if you choose Self-Representation, a family law attorney can still help you fill out the right Washington divorce forms at the right time and provide suggestions for changes to the documents as well.  


Some of the following divorce documents may prove helpful:


WPF DR 01.0100 Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

This form acts as the complaint for the plaintiff.  The petitioner must list the complete personal and contact information of both spouses and all the children.  Additionally, the spouse must provide details of what they believe can be settled outside of court.  


WPF DRPSCU 09.0200 Confidential Information Form

The person filling out this form must list reasons why they want information concealed, including:


• Child custody modifications

• Sexual assault or domestic violence

• A restraining order has been placed upon either the petitioner or respondent


If the health and safety of the party or child is at risk, the person filling out this form must list all contact and personal information they want concealed (including the children’s).  


WPF DR 01.0200 Summons

This Washington divorce form notifies the respondent that they have 20 days to respond to the original petition.  If the respondent disagrees with anything in the petition, they must fill out WPF DR 01.0300 Response to Petition.  If they don’t fill out this form, there will be a default divorce. 


WPF DR 01.0500 Order for Child Support

This WA divorce form is 16 pages long and acutely detailed.  It is important to take time filling out this document because the form covers everything within child support law.  The form covers medical expenses, monthly incomes, methods and times of payment, periodic adjustments, and much more.  The form must be signed by both parents and a judge.   


WPF DRPSCU 01.1550 Financial Declaration

This form is a complete list of all incomes, assets, liabilities, and monthly expenses.  This WA divorce form is also important in establishing child support and spousal support. 


WPF DR 01.0400 Parenting Plan

There are three different kinds of parenting plans: proposed, temporary, and final.  The document determines child custody during the school year, summer, weekend, vacations, and other miscellaneous periods of time.  The form also states that parents may make changes to the plan if they mutually agree upon the changes.  


WPF DR 01.0410 Residential Time Summary Report

This document is an extension of the parenting plan asks what percentage of time each parent spends with each child.  The form then lists whether the parents are seeking the advice of a lawyer or plan self-representation.  In addition, the form states where the dispute resolution was handled, from arbitration and mediation to the need for court action.