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Uncontested Divorce Illinois

Uncontested Divorce Illinois


How to Get an Uncontested Divorce Illinois


An uncontested divorce Illinois is also referred to as a Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. It applies to cases in which both spouses are in agreement that, having exhausting every possible means of reconciliation, their marriage is irrevocably broken and for their own well-being they should separate. This is not a decision that is come to lightly, and once it is reached, it is hard to turn back. Yet once divorce is settled on, an uncontested divorce Illinois is certainly the best method if it is possible since it quickens this difficult and confusing process and allows citizens to move on with their lives faster.


Who Qualifies for an Uncontested Divorce Illinois?


An uncontested divorce Illinois may simply refer to one in which both parties agree to all the terms of the divorce. That doesn’t mean that they simply agree that a divorce is in their best interest, but that they agree to all the possible settlement terms implied in a divorce, such as the division of property. 


That said, the easiest form of uncontested divorce Illinois, the Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage, is significantly more limited in terms of who may file for it. In order to qualify, you must closely abide all the following requirements:


• Irrevocable differences have cause an irreversible break in marital relations.

• You and your spouse have been separated for no less than six months. (There’s actually a two year separation requirement, but this can be waived if both parties are willing.)

• You and your spouse must be married for less than eight years.

• You must have lived in the state of Illinois for at least ninety days before filing for your uncontested divorce Illinois.

• No children have resulted or will result from your marriage. 

• Your gross annual net income (that is, income less costs) must be less than $35,000. 

• The total value of property you own must be less than $10,000.

• Neither you nor your spouse want to file for alimony.

• You and your spouse are willing to sign an agreement dividing your property and your debt and can do this on your own, without a court order dictating terms.


Filing for Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage


Once you are sure that this type of uncontested divorce Illinois is right for you, you should begin the process of filing for it. You will need four forms:


• Affidavit in Support of Joint Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

• Joint Affidavit for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage Agreement as to Assets and Debt (must be signed by both parties in front of a notary public)

• Joint Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

• Judgment for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage


Once turned into the Court Clerk, a hearing will be scheduled when a judge will briefly look at your forms and make sure all is properly filled out. If it is, then the judge will sign the Judgment for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage, and your uncontested divorce Illinois will become finalized.