Pennsylvania Divorce Forms

Pennsylvania Divorce Forms

Pennsylvania Divorce Forms


Quick Guide to Pennsylvania Divorce Forms


Pennsylvania divorce forms are not easy to come by, and each district within the state requires different procedures for submitting certain documents.  The most complete list of PA divorce forms can be found under Lancaster County’s official website.  Here you will find a course packet on divorce, and a list of Pennsylvania divorce forms is located within Section V.  The packet lists 17 different Pennsylvania divorce forms, and each form needs filled out with complete detail.  


If you are contemplating about divorce, you should consider looking for the services of a family law attorney as soon as possible.  A family law attorney can help you obtain PA divorce forms that aren’t offered to the public, and the lawyer can also help you submit the right documents at the right time.  


Some important Pennsylvania divorce forms you may need are listed below:


Notice to Defend and Claim Rights


This form is simple and informs the defendant that they are being sued in court.  The form notifies the defendant that they should bring this PA divorce form to their attorney immediately.  


Complaint Under Section 3301 of Domestic Relations Code


This document serves as a petition and lists the current residences of both the plaintiff and respondent.  The form asks for the location and the date of the marriage, whether there have been any actions for divorce in the past, and whether the marriage is irretrievably broken.  A plaintiff or their spouse must live within the state at least six months before filling out this form.  


Form 2(a) Affidavit of Service


This Pennsylvania divorce form states that the petitioner has served the defendant a Complaint in Divorce and Notice to Defend and Claim Rights with Notice of Availability of Counseling.  The plaintiff must personally hand the form to the defendant for this form to be valid.  


Form 2(b) Acceptance of Service


This form notifies the court that the defendant has received the official complaint and is choosing to accept the service.  


Waiver of Notice of Intention to Request Entry of a Divorce Decree Under Section 3301(c) of Divorce Code


This form notifies the court that the defendant accepts entry into a final decree.  Under this document, defendant understands that their rights to alimony, division or property, and lawyer’s fees will be lost if they do not claim them before the divorce is granted.  


Defendant’s Counter Affidavit Under Section 3301(d) of the Divorce Code 


This document lets the defendant state that they do not oppose a divorce decree but oppose entry into a divorce decree right now because:


• The parties have not lived apart from more than two years

• The marriage is not irretrievably broken yet


The respondent must also include whether or not they choose to claim economic relief if a divorce decree is still put forth.  


The forms listed above are not a complete list, and you will need many more forms if you need child support, spousal support, or any other type of support.  You should talk with your attorney to locate and obtain the correct documents.





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