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Divorce Proceedings

Divorce Proceedings

When going through a divorce, different outcomes and situations may arise.

Generally, all divorce proceedings occur in the same manner. Of course, some circumstances, such as children, will alter the divorce proceeding.

The following is a list of common events that will take place during a divorce:

Petition for a divorce

Respond to the summons of the divorce

Attend temporary hearings to help determine what will happen until the divorce is finalized. Common temporary hearings relate to child custody, financial support, and living conditions

Often, courts require mediation for the couples as well as co-parenting classes if applicable

Advance case review to resolve any issues or current disagreements

Discovery will be completed if necessary to determine the truth behind any contested issues.

Often discoveries will consist of interrogatories (or written questions to be answered by the opposing party), requests of documents, requests for admissions, the release of information, and depositions.

If a person refuses to respond to any type of discovery, consequences will be granted in the asking party’s favor.

Finally, a settlement will take place in which the divorce is finalized. If the parties cannot agree on a settlement, the case will then be sent to court.

Divorce laws have more information about divorce proceedings.