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Divorce Mistakes

Divorce Mistakes


Common Types of Divorce Mistakes



Is it Easy to Make a Mistake within a Divorce?



It’s very easy to make the slightest mistake within a divorce that can have huge consequences on the final settlement.  However, divorce mistakes are easily avoidable if you seek representation from a family law attorney.  He or she can provide advice as far as things you should avoid, and things you should talk about with your spouse.  Listen to your lawyer’s advice carefully.  He or she may recommend you avoid the divorce mistakes in the following section.  



Common Divorce Mistakes



The following list only contains common divorce mistakes.  There are more mistakes you might want to avoid, and avoiding these divorce mistakes is highly associated with hiring a lawyer.  



Ignoring your Taxes



If you have relied on your former spouse to take care of taxes, you should speak with your lawyer about how to handle the splitting of finances.  The divorce settlement will have direct tax consequences on each spouse, and you don’t want to miss paying your taxes.  



Verbal Agreements



As a general rule, get everything in writing within a divorce.  Don’t make verbal agreements with your spouse about finances or property distribution.  Verbal agreements mean nothing within a court, and if you don’t have a formal agreement written up, your final settlement may work highly against your favor.  



New Relationships



The best advice entails completely waiting to date until after your divorce becomes final.  However, if you are dating someone before your divorce is over, don’t talk about the relationship with your friends, online, and especially not with your former spouse.  You may be denied spousal support and even child custody in some cases if you talk openly about your new relationship in the midst of a divorce.  



Losing your Composure in Court



A judge is going to evaluate and analyze you in court throughout the entire trial process.  You should try and gain as much respect from the judge as possible, so you want to avoid actions such as making rude faces, rolling your eyes, and especially yelling.  Avoid anger as much as possible.  



Involving Children in the Dispute



Your children may be forced to testify in court if a judge allows the motion.  However, keep your children out of the divorce as much as possible.  Don’t ever turn your children against the other parent, and avoid talking badly about the parent around the children.  Don’t ever withhold access to the other parent unless that parent puts the child in danger.  



Avoiding Legal Advice



If you are involved in a complicated divorce, you should always seek legal advice from a family law attorney.  They lawyer will tell you what to say and what not to say within the courtroom and around the other spouse’s attorney.  It is very important to consult with your lawyer about right and wrong statements because some most lawyers tape every conversation with the other party.