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Alimony Calculator Kentucky


A Brief Introduction to Alimony Calculators, Kentucky



What is a Kentucky alimony calculator?



An alimony calculator helps individuals to estimate how much money they will be expected to pay in alimony by inputting several variables into a regular equation. The problem is that a regular equation requires strict guidelines that judges have to follow, and Kentucky alimony law is loose enough that regular equations are useless.



However, the good news is that enough information about state spousal support law is known that the effects of an alimony calculator for Kansas can be simulated.



What factors does a Kentucky alimony calculator take into account?



Kentucky Statute 403.200 describes under what situations alimony may be required and which elements affect its stipulated amount. If you’d like to know more, you can read the statute here:



Generally speaking, an alimony calculator for Kentucky should only be employed if two conditions are met, making an alimony payments likely. They are:



1. one spouse lacks sufficient property to provide for their reasonable needs, even when considering the marital property allowed them in the Marriage Settlement, AND



2. that same spouse cannot provide for their own reasonable needs with appropriate employment because they are the custodian of a minor child or disabled adult or because of other circumstances.



Once these two conditions are met, you should ask yourself several questions to aid you as you attempt to estimate spousal support orders as judge would using a theoretical Kentucky alimony calculator.



1. Are the financial resources of the spouse seeking alimony, even when considering child support and all property allowed to them in a Marriage Settlement, paltry and unable to provide enough income for a reasonable standard of living?



2. Is additional training and education necessary for the spouse seeking alimony necessary to enter the workforce so as to earn enough money to support their household?



3. Was the standard of living as established during the marriage great?



4. Did the marriage last more than five years? More than ten years? More than twenty years?



5. Is the spouse seeking alimony still young enough to enter the workforce competitively?



6. Is the spouse seeking alimony still able, emotionally and physically, to provide for their own livelihood in the workforce?



7. Can the spouse from whom alimony is sought still provide for their own reasonable needs after alimony is awarded?



Estimating Requests with a Kentucky Alimony Calculator



Even if an alimony calculator in Kentucky won’t tell us what a judge will decide our alimony will be, we can still use an alimony calculator to help us to anticipate what the one spouse’s lawyers will request in alimony. The general rules for doing so are this:



1. Take the joint cost of living as a couple and divide it by half. Each half is the amount needed for each, living separately, to provide for their own needs and lifestyle reasonably.



2. Take income of each spouse. One income should be greater than their individual standard of living costs, and the other income should be lower. The Kentucky alimony calculator estimates that the requested spousal support will be the difference between the income and the cost of living.