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Spousal Support Calculator Texas


Guide for Spousal Support Calculator in Texas


Is there a Spousal Support Calculator in Texas?


Spousal Support Calculators in Texas are quite strict and limited in certain cases.  The state only awards maintenance support if an act of violence occurred within the home in the last two years, or if the marriage was 10 years or longer and the spouse cannot take care of themselves, needs to take care of a disable child, or has no income earning ability.  


Are there any differentiations in the Formula?


There is a unique Spousal Support Calculator in Texas, but the state requires the court to look over the following factors before reaching proper figures.  Some of these factors include:


1) What is each spouse’s ability to maintain a proper standard of living independently after the divorce?

2) What are the educational and employment skills of each spouse? 

3) What has each spouse contributed to the other spouse’s education, professional training, or increased earnings?

4) What is the time necessary for a former spouse to acquire education or employment in order to become self-supporting?

5) What is the age, employment history, and physical and mental condition of the supported spouse?

6) Can the spouse properly support the other spouse while providing for child support as well?

7) Has either spouse made harmful expenditures or concealment of joint marital property?

8) What is joint marital property and sole personal property?

9) How does each spouse contribute to the home?

10) Has either spouse ever committed adultery, sexual abuse, or harassment during the marriage?

11) Has there ever been a pattern of family violence?


Is there a limit for the duration of Spousal Support?


The state of Texas also puts strict guidelines on how long and how frequently a spouse must make supporting payments.  In Texas, the following rules apply:


1) Spousal support payments cannot exceed $5,000 per month or 20 percent of the supporter’s monthly gross income

2) Spousal support is due for 5 years for family violence if the marriage lasted less than 10 years

3) Due for 5 years if marriage lasted 10 to 20 years

4) Due for 7 years if marriage lasted 20 to 30 years

5) Due 10 years if marriage lasted 30 years or more


Spousal Support may last longer if the spouse is disabled and shorter or not at all if the spouse lives with someone after the divorce.  


All of the conditions listed above to this point may affect the Spousal Support Calculator.  A judge will determine how all of the conditions affect both spouses’ individual gross income and then plug the figures into a calculation.  Judges have the ability to decide upon a proper figure on their own as well.  However, if the judges use the Child Support Calculator in Texas, the formula is as follows:


Spouse #1 Gross Income times 20%.  If the spouse’s income is $100,000, the maximum amount of annual spousal support is $20,000.  The figure of 20% is considered standard to the state of Texas.