What Is Divorce Mediation

What Is Divorce Mediation

What Is Divorce Mediation


Who would’ve thought there were options when it came to divorce? To be fair, divorce isn’t exactly a pleasure cruise for some, so it would make sense that there’s some satisfaction in knowing that you can have a choice in how to proceed – everything from filing a petition online to hiring a good lawyer to handle all the business to maybe even winning a favorable decision on the petition.



There’s one specific option though that’s available, and it may be the way to go for some couples:



It’s Called ‘Divorce Mediation’



Like the title says: what is ‘divorce mediation’? Simply put, it’s a deliberation on the provisions of a divorce petition outside the courtroom, without lawyers, without even a judge presiding.



All that’s necessary for a divorce mediation are these:



1. Full Names of All Parties (Including Children if Applicable)


2. Social Security Numbers of All Parties


3. Addresses


4. Work Addresses


5. Phone Numbers



It would actually be a no-brainer of an explanation for anyone asking the question “what is divorce mediation?” Because the honest truth is this: mediations for divorce are….



1. Fast


2. Cost-Effective


3. Impartial


4. Confidential


5. And, in a Nutshell, Easy



Knowing what is divorce mediation is like knowing how to ride a bike. Once you know, you never forget. Whereas the court process for a divorce petition can get not only lengthy, but complex and complicated.



Given that knowledge, though, there are some important things to know about divorce mediation:



1. Both Spouses Better Ask That Question: What Is Divorce Mediation?



That means both spouses would be open to the idea. Additionally, that means that both spouses understand that divorce is a certainty, in other words that there is a mutual agreement to end the marriage.



Two spouses better not enter into a divorce mediation thinking that there will be a ‘dispute’ on whether or not to end the marriage. That’s reserved for the family court where attorneys can present cases. No.



The idea behind divorce mediation is simply to move the process along toward a successful judgment for the dissolution of marriage, plain and simple.



2. Both Spouses Would Do Well to Agree on the Entire Petition



Because, obviously, a divorce “mediator” is not a judge, nor a lawyer. So any disputes that happen would be out of the mediator’s hands.



When asking “what is divorce mediation?”, be sure you understand that compromise comes first and foremost – on both parties. Again, it’s about a negotiation, not a contest.



3. Once It’s Over, It’s Over



There’s no appeal, no recourse. Once it’s done, it’s done. Whereas any petition can be revisited for many common reasons – like child custody, support, alimony. If your objective is to stay out of a courtroom, make sure that no matter where you or your former spouse happens to be down the road that you’ll always constantly agree with the given situation.



That ensures that the divorce mediation wasn’t for nothing.



There Are Options



Divorce mediation is just one of them. But it’s a good one.



So consider the possibility. If you’re wanting to get through a divorce process quickly, mediation might be the way to go.






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