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Remarriage After Divorce

Remarriage After Divorce


Remarriage After Divorce: Is It Lawful?


The honest truth is that there are some states that require a waiting period before a divorce is finalized. So, believe it or not, either party to a divorce that hasn’t been legally declared can actually render any remarriage on either party completely invalid.


There has to be a wonder why any party would bother putting that in motion in a court of law, but the bottom line is that it’s the truth.


Even states that don’t require a waiting period can actually have a judge order one in the state if necessary. But once the waiting period is over, the rest is all downhill:


So Remarriage After Divorce Is Possible: What Happens?


Many divorced people end up thinking that for quite awhile…. What happens? Some even forget how to participate in the whole dating scene. Some think they may never marry again.


Statistics, unfortunately, say that chances are a lot smaller for remarriage after divorce. This is particularly true among women with small children. But the fact remains:


It can happen, and it should be healthy! By law, it’s completely permissible. And if it’s permissible, it must be enjoyed and deserved, especially among those suffering the ‘unwanted’ divorces.


The Steps to Take in Achieving a Successful Remarriage After Divorce


You can think of it as Round 2. A mulligan. A second chance. Whatever you do, though, follow these important steps, because they will make a world of difference on your remarriage after divorce.


1. Make Sure You’re Ready


Divorce can be damaging emotionally and spiritually. Even physically. So trying to work on a remarriage after divorce can be difficult if you’re not ready for it. It can be especially harmful to the new spouse.


Ways to make sure you’re ready is to simply ‘settle’ the first marriage. Tie up loose ends, come to terms with it. It’s water under the bridge. It also helps to settle with your ex on the issues and at least be on good terms. Divorce counseling can also help a great deal to get anyone closer to the possibility of a remarriage after divorce.


2. Don’t Repeat the Same Mistakes


No matter how we try to hide it, we weren’t anywhere close to perfect the first time around. This can give you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and get the second marriage off on the right foot. And continue on the right foot from then on.


At the end of it all, it will give you joy – as well as your new spouse joy – for being able to maintain a healthier marriage through learning.


3. Premarital Counseling Does Help


It’s easy to jump right into something a little too fast, and this is especially true of divorced persons looking for some kind of redemption or companionship to help them heal through the process of divorce.


So take advantage of premarital counseling. It’ll ground you, help you think clearer about the decision you’ll make. Likewise, your new spouse may end up learning more about you and help appreciate you even more.


It may not seem like a benefit, but premarital counseling may even bring to the light that the new marriage should not happen. It’s better to not marry than to marry either for the wrong reasons or to marry with the chance that the marriage will fail in the future just like the first one did.


It’s a Tough Situation, But One Worth Exploring


Everyone deserves a second chance. Remarriage is that second chance.


It just happens to be the big step in taking that chance. Make the appropriate changes in your life to make sure that step goes in the right direction.