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Alternatives to Divorce

Alternatives to Divorce


Are There Any Alternatives to Divorce?


You bet your bottom dollar there are. One may ask why one would need an alternative, though. It’s simple –


Divorce Can Be Costly


No one wants the hassle of dealing with court costs, document fees, and all of that. Moreover, the idea of divorcing can be a drastic change both for spouses and especially children if present. So considering divorce in some cases can be a messy situation.


But what is a couple to do? If they can’t stand each other, what alternatives to divorce do they have? It’s almost like being stuck between a rock and a hard place….


Thankfully, depending on the mindset and also with a little help from the law, there are ways around dealing with alternatives to divorce. Consider each option, and one or maybe more than one can be right for you.


It can save the trouble of dealing with a heartbreaking divorce….


Here Are the Alternatives to Divorce


The first one:


1. The Annulment


This one’s an easy one out of the alternatives to divorce available. It’s a profitable one, too, in that some stipulations don’t exist in an annulment.


For one thing, an annulment is simply a ‘cancellation.’ Whereas a divorce is a ‘dissolution.’ An Annulment literally makes it so the marriage never existed. There can be no issue of alimony, usually no issues about property distribution, and no issues about child custody (because usually children are yet to be present).


The only problem with annulment is that one or more than one of several requirements are necessary:


• Coercion


• Insanity


• Drunkenness and/or Drugs


In other words, if it can be proved that you were forced into marriage, insane, or high or intoxicated, an annulment may be possible. And it’s quicker to go through the process, never even seeing the inside of a courtroom (or even needing a lawyer present).


2. The Legal Separation


This is an interesting one out of all the alternatives to divorce in that basically two spouses separate completely…but stay married! That’s right. No joke. It’s an easier process as well, although it does cost some money and can force major changes in a family….


But one of the biggest benefits of a legal separation is the fact that it can be ‘temporary.’ It can be a ‘trial separation’ just in case a couple wants to try it out and see if the marriage is salvageable. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about child custody issues, child support, or any of that. And since the couple’s still legally married, all that’s required is a motion to end the legal separation and continue on as if nothing ever happened.


3. Counseling


Believe it or not, divorce is a choice. Plain and simple. If two people believe that a marriage won’t work out, it simply won’t work out. In fact, for the most part, all it takes is one party out of the marriage to believe that the only way out is divorce.


Counseling has saved many marriages when considered seriously. But both parties have to participate willingly. And although it does cost a pretty penny to participate in marriage counseling, in the long run it can save a ton of money.


4. Simply Don’t Get Divorced


And then there’s this: staying together. Period. This is the most cost-efficient way to avoid divorce. Because when you get right down to it, at the core of it all, a marriage is actually a partnership. And one of the aspects of that partnership is to maintain a household.


Truthfully, a married couple doesn’t have to necessarily love each other, or even get along. All they have to do is work together. That’s it. It is possible. Improbable for some. But definitely possible.