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Mediation At A Glance

Mediation At A GlanceThe role of a mediator in the filing process of divorce can be instrumental in assisting all parties involved in the achievement of a fair, balanced, and civilized settlement.

Oftentimes, the vast emotions and personal history involved in the process of the divorce, as well as the difficulty of establishing objectivity are overwhelming.

In such cases, the appointment of a mediator is an extremely viable option. Rather than a potentially chaotic, emotionally-charged hearing, mediation allows for an objective discourse in the process of finalizing a divorce.

With the potential inclusion of children, assets, and property, the divorce process can be one that is emotionally-charged. Although a mediator is not a replacement of an attorney, one can be a valuable asset for a productive and civil rectification of a divorce settlement.

Many consider mediators to allow for a more personal touch in the scope of an assumed rigidity of a judicial hearing. For those interested in becoming a mediator, there are classes available for the certification of mediators.