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Mediation In Arizona

Mediation In ArizonaIn the case there is a legal dispute of any kind in the state of Arizona, the parties involved may decide to enter mediation as a method to bring a resolution to the matter before entering the formal process of litigation.

In legal mediation, both parties of the dispute meet for the purpose of coming to an agreement or settlement in regards to the issue at hand.

Mediation is different than arbitration in the sense that there is no third-party mediating or arbitrating the decision or outcome, and it is considered to be less legally binding.

Mediation in the state of Arizona may be preferable due to the fact that it is a less aggressive tactic and allows for both parties to save money and time that would be incurred as a result of a litigation battle.

The mediation will often times resolve the manner in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties as to the result of compromising agreement.