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Distribution OverviewChild support divorcefile for divorce In some cases,the non-custodial parent may make payments directly to certain expenses that have been determined to be their responsibility. For example, a parent may directly pay an educational institution to be sure that the payments are utilized in the way that are meant to be. Child support payments are generally determined, as a separate issue, during divorce proceedings if the couple was married. However, the amount of those payments may be changed by the courts if there is a significant change in circumstances for either parent, or for the child. 

Each parent is required to contribute financially towards their child’s care and upbringing. A couple’s divorce should not separate a parent from their child, nor does it release the parent from financial obligations toward the child. Child support payments are often necessary to ensure that child’s development is not hindered. Either parent may be obliged to pay child support. Visitation has no bearing on child support. Parents that have no visitation or custody rights may still be obliged to make child support payments. Child support payments are not always court mandated. If the parents are in agreement, they can make their own child support arrangement and have it made into a court order.