Divorce Settlements

Sample Divorce Settlement

A sample divorce settlement will generally include many of the same clauses, even though state divorce laws vary. The agreements will first state basic information that pertains to involved individuals. That

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Understanding The Varying Circumstances

Divorce settlements can be reached in a a variety of ways. In some cases, couples are able to reach agreements on all clauses on their own. Their divorce strategy includes

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What You Didn’t Know About Divorce Settlements

There are many ways that couples can reach a divorce settlement agreement. In some cases, a court hearing is necessary in order for couples to reach a divorce settlement agreement.

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A Look Into Court’s Role In Divorce Settlement

Divorce are court ordered and court approved that come as a result of divorce. Included in those documents, is a divorce property settlement which makes allocations for distribution of all

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Divorce Settlement Inherent Difficulty

One major factor many individuals forget to consider when devising their divorce settlements is the liquidity of certain assets. For example a checking account with any amount of funds is

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