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Alimony Calculator Alabama


A Short Introduction to the Alabama Alimony Calculator


What Is an Alabama Alimony Calculator?


An alimony calculator is used in some states to help spouses calculate what their alimony payment will be in case of divorce. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find an accurate Alabama alimony calculator. That is because the state has very loose guidelines regarding what alimony payments should be. 


Indeed, the state leaves the awarding of alimony specifically to the discretion of local judges. This means that even if an Alabama alimony calculator existed, it would be of little use, since judges have an unsurmountable amount of independence in establishing alimony amounts.


What Factors Affect an Alabama Alimony Calculator?


There are many factors which should be plugged into a hypothetical Alabama alimony calculator. Look over the following checklist. The more “Yes” answers you give, the higher your alimony payments are likely to be.


• Is your spouse in late-middle age or elderly, making their entry into the workforce less likely or profitable?


• Does your spouse have a disability making employment less likely or profitable?


• Was your standard of living while married significantly greater than your spouse’s expected standard of living without alimony?


• Did your marriage last ten years or longer? Fifteen? Twenty?


• Can you pay alimony while still maintaining a standard of living for yourself comparable to your standard of living during the marriage? 


• Do you have significant retirement benefits that may be split as part of an alimony payment?


• Did you own significant property during your marriage that you are entitled to keep after a divorce? Does the property (such as leased land) grant you significant payments?


One factor not covered by an Alabama alimony calculator is the possibility of rehabilitative alimony, which is just meant to help a spouse gain education so as to enter the workforce more easily. These payments will only list two to four years and depend on the quality of education desired.


Is There an Alternative to an Alabama Alimony Calculator?


Using rational logic and knowledge of Alabama precedents, you can work to estimate the result of using an Alabama alimony calculator.


The first step to using an Alabama alimony calculator is recognizing whether alimony will even be awarded, since most divorces do not result in an alimony award. In general, alimony payments are only ordered if one spouses is significantly wealthier than the other, so that the other spouse is economically dependent on their income. 


In addition, alimony is usually only awarded for very long marriages of a decade or more. However, if the income variation is great enough, then the court may rule in favor of alimony in a marriage of less than a decade. This is one of the reasons an Alabama alimony calculator is impossible.


If one spouse has a disability which makes it difficult for them to be fully employed, then it is even more likely that alimony will be granted.