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Spousal Support Calculator Oregon

Spousal Support Calculator Oregon


Guide for Spousal Support Calculator in Oregon


Where can I find a Spousal Support Calculator in Oregon?


You may want to reference this website for a Spousal Support Calculator in Oregon.  The calculator was formulated using strategies that lawyers and judges use around the state to determine a fair level of spousal support.  There is no defined Spousal Support Calculator in Oregon, but you may be able to reach a reasonable estimate.  


Please note that all estimates from this Spousal Support Calculator in Oregon are subject to change.  The court has the final decision in awarding spousal support, and their judgments are based on the following categories of the Oregon State Bar:


Direct Income


This is income that is directly received by a party, including:

• Salaries

• Wages

• Commission

• Bonuses

• Pensions

• Interest

• Trust Income

• Gifts

• Prizes from lottery winnings


Gross Income


This income is defined by Section 61 of the Internal Revenue Code and includes:


• Compensation for services and fringe benefits

• Gross income from business

• Profit from dealings in property

• All interest

• Rents

• Royalties

• Income from life insurance contracts

• Pensions

• Income received form a decedent 

• Income from an estate or trust


Employee Benefits


Over the table benefits include the following:

• Vehicle payments, gas, and insurance are added back to the value of gross income

• If the employer paid life, health, or other insurance, the values of these benefits premiums is added back into gross income

• Use of vacation home, sports tickets, country clubs, and more


Under the table means cash payments that are not reflected in a W-2.  Such payments are usually a result of trade occupations such as construction or restaurant.  


Potential Income 


Potential income is used within the Spousal Support Calculator in Oregon if a spouse works part-time due to parental or homemaking responsibilities.  For example, if a wife choose to work part time, even though full time work is available, her potential income is calculated by how much she would receive during a normal 40 hour week.  


Overtime Income


This income may affect the Spousal Support Calculator in Oregon if the wife or husband has worked overtime in the past.  Even if the spouse does not work overtime anymore, a court may determine the average overtime earning for previous years, deem that the earnings may fluctuate, but decide that the earnings were in fact available in the past.  


Equitable Income


An example of this type of income happens when a party wants to buy a business such as a family business.  If the spouse decides divorce is likely and sells the business back to their family, they may only receive up to 25% of the gross income they would as owner.  Courts may use this example in their calculation by establishing what the income to the spouse would have been if the other spouse was still owner.  The court may set support on this prior income, which is also called “phantom income.” 


Tax Consequences


A supported spouse may be taxed on their spousal support in Oregon.  The supporting spouse can deduct these expenses as well.