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Inexpensive Divorce

Inexpensive Divorce


A Quick Guide to Inexpensive Divorce



Different Kinds of Inexpensive Divorce



Divorce can be an expensive and exhausting process, but there are some ways of making divorce easier.  There are generally three ways to seek an inexpensive divorce:



• Do it Yourself Divorce



• Collaborative Divorce (or divorce without war) 



• Help from a Legal Document Assistant 



None of these measures are guaranteed ways for an inexpensive divorce.  If two spouses can’t agree, these types of inexpensive divorce will not work and the case will end up going to trial.  Yet, if two spouses are willing to agree, they should consider one of the methods above and read the detailed information in the following sections.  



Do it Yourself (DIY) Divorce



In this type of divorce, two spouses will decide to fill out the correct forms without the help of a lawyer.  Two spouses should promise not to hide or withhold any financial property, and these types of divorces work best for spouses with little or no joint marital property.  



Depending on the state, the divorce forms will either be offered for free or offered after a payment is received.  Most of the forms are inexpensive if ordered through the Court Clerk’s office, and some spouses may consider buying a divorce packet.  These packets don’t always contain all of the required documents you’ll need, but they do provide the basic divorce documents for a reasonable price.  



By filling out the forms without a lawyer, two spouses can avoid a lengthy trial and expensive court costs.  If a judge looks over the forms and agrees to the conditions set forth by the two spouses, there will be an inexpensive divorce and quick settlement.  



Help from a Legal Document Assistant



In order to avoid expensive attorney fees, two spouses may consider the help of a Legal Document Assistant.  Even if someone decides to undergo a DIY divorce, it’s always a good idea to use the help of an LDA.  The services from an LDA can help you fill out the divorce forms correctly and efficiently, and after the forms are filled out correctly, the services of an LDA are not needed anymore.  You must be in agreement with your spouse if you want to hire an LDA.  



In order to find an LDA, you can simply go to your County Clerk’s Office and ask for a list of all qualified individuals around the area.  Don’t try to find an LDA without the help from the County Clerk.  If a person isn’t qualified, a court may not accept the forms.  



Divorce without War (Collaborative Divorce)



Another method for an inexpensive divorce involves choosing a Collaborative divorce.  Lawyers are still needed by each party, but the settlement will occur outside of court and usually within a timely manner.  Each spouse must sign a contract that states they cannot threaten a trial and the must do the following:



• Full disclosure of documents



• Show complete respect to the other spouse



• Insulate the children from the settlement process as much as possible



• Share the costs associated with outside expert help



• Reach a win-win solution as quickly as possible