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Spousal Support Arizona


Guide to Spousal Support in Arizona


Is there a calculator for spousal support in Arizona?


There state of Arizona has some of the most detailed laws concerning spousal maintenance.  There is no official formula for the calculation of spousal support in Arizona, but most judges within the state will often considering using the Maricopa County Spousal Maintenance Formula.  This website’s calculator is based off of the Maricopa County Spousal Maintenance Formula and provisions set forth in the Arizona State Code 25-319 Maintenance; Computation Factors.  


A judge may decide upon a proper figure for spousal support without the formula, but the Maricopa model helps provide a rough estimate of the final spousal support in Arizona.  


How does the Maricopa Model Work?


The Maricopa model is one of the more complicated models around the county.  There are multiple figures that need to be placed into the formula for the result to be correct, and the final answer is not a true indicator of the potential spousal support in Arizona.  Great numbers of provisions within Code 25-319 will influence the adjusted gross incomes used in the Maricopa model. 


If a judge decides to use the calculation as a rough estimate, the total maintenance is formed in the following way:


The total amount of spousal maintenance= ((Supporter’s adjusted gross income) – (Supported adjusted gross income)) X (Marital Duration Factor)*


*Note: the marital duration factor is calculated thus: (Number of years of marriage) X (0.015)


The maximum calculated number for the duration factor is (0.5), and there is no spousal maintenance awarded in marriages less than five years unless a judge determines otherwise.  


What are common types of spousal support in Arizona?


There are generally four types of spousal support in the state of Arizona and around the rest of the country.  Some states, like Maine specifically, have more types of maintenance, however.  The formula listed above is mainly used for the first type of spousal maintenance listed below, and a judge will determine the amount for other types of support:


1) General Support- this type of maintenance is mostly used and assists a spouse if their income is significantly lower than the other spouse’s.  This type of maintenance will supply both spouses with a reasonable standard of living if calculated correctly.  

2) Interim Support- this type of support is sometimes awarded prior to the general support.  The maintenance will help cover the spouse in need during the pre-trial proceedings. 

3) Reimbursement Support- this type of support may be calculated into the general maintenance.  If a spouse has heavily contributed to the education and/or vocational skills of the other spouse and needs support, they may receive proper compensation.  If a spouse made very unreasonable expenditures on purpose in light of knowing about the divorce, this type of support may be received or either factored into the general support.  

4) Transitional Support- if the supported spouse needs help in furthering their education or vocational skills in order to become self-supportive, this maintenance may prove appropriate.  This support can also be received if there was any abuse or harassment within the home and the spouse now needs counseling.  


How Can I find forms for Spousal Support around Arizona and Maricopa County?


You will have to download a Self-Service Center Request for Court Forms and/or Information from the official website of Arizona’s official government website for the superior court.  You will have to check what forms you want, pay a fee around $5, and submit this form to the Clerk’s County Office.  You can either send the form, or take the form directly to the Clerk’s office and have them print them for you.