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Alimony Calculator Idaho

Alimony Calculator Idaho


A Brief Guide to the Idaho Alimony Calculator



What Is an Idaho Alimony Calculator?



An alimony calculator estimates the alimony payments a person will have to pay their spouse in the event of a divorce. The important thing to remember about alimony is that it is always up to a judge’s discretion, so the estimates of an alimony calculator are preliminary at best.



In fact, Idaho gives so much freedom to judges in divorce decisions that no alimony calculator for Idaho exists. However, research into the factors affecting an alimony decision can still be of great benefit to you in estimating whether alimony will be awarded and, if so, how great the award will be.



What an Idaho Alimony Calculator Be Necessary?



An alimony calculator for Idaho should only even be considered if one party meets the state’s threshold for requiring alimony. The qualifications are as follows:



1) One spouse lacks savings and property after the divorce settlement to support themselves within reasonable means; AND



2) That same spouse cannot simply earn money through regular employment to meet their needs.



What Factors Does an Idaho Alimony Calculator Consider?



Once both of the above qualifications are met, the factors which play into an Idaho alimony calculator can be considered. Look over them carefully and think how they come into play in your situation:



1. What type of income does the spouse seeking alimony have? How much property can they claim? Is this greatly outmatched by the income and property of the other spouse?



2. Is additional education needed by the spouse seeking alimony so that they can enter the job market competitively? Can they provide independently for payment of that education or must it be provided for them by their spouse? 



3. How long was the marriage? Was it greater than ten years, usually the barrier length for receiving alimony? Was it greater than twenty years, usually the barrier for receiving a permanent alimony order?



4. How old are the spouses? Is the dependent spouse to old to competitively enter the workforce?



5. Does the spouse petitioning for alimony have the physical and emotional capability to enter the workforce? Are the disabled or impaired in such a way as to make this impossible?



6. What amount of alimony can the non-petitioning spouse pay while maintaining a standard of living similar to that which they held during their marriage?



7. Will there be any tax consequences of alimony payments for either spouse?



8. Has either spouse found to be “at-fault” for the divorce? The spouse judged at-fault is liable to pay more because of this judgment.



The above factors are from Idaho law, Statute 32-705. If you would like to know more, you can read the law here:



Remember that the judge in your divorce case has full discretion to set alimony levels to whatever they see fit, which is the reason an alimony calculator in Idaho is such a misguided idea. The judge may look at factors other the ones above, so you should be prepared for any decision.