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Sandra Bullock Files for Divorce! Why

Sandra Bullock Files for Divorce! WhySandra Bullock Files for Divorce! Why?

In May of 2010, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James split from her their 5-year marriage; although the details were not initially released in their entirety, James was reported as having an extramarital affair with model and tattoo enthusiast Michelle McGee – in contrast to a multitude of celebrity infidelity, James addressed the situation and refused to make excuses for his actions. As the headlines stating ‘Sandra Bullock files for divorce’ began to fly, James could only acknowledge his mistake and ask forgiveness from his former wife and his fans; however, the duration during which the affair had taken place was never officiated.

Sandra Bullock Files for Divorce: The Background

Upon the release of the headlines in May of 2010, ‘Sandra Bullock Files for Divorce’, people were shocked; not only is Sandra Bullock considered to be one of the most gifted actors of modernity, starring in such popular films like ‘Miss Congeniality’ and ‘The Blind Side’, but her media persona has been considered to be amongst the most gentle, sincere, and affable:

In July of 2005, Sandra Bullock married husband Jesse James, who was the star of the reality television show ‘West Coast Choppers’, which was based on the modification and construction of motorcycles; in addition to his fame garnered by his reality television show, Jesse James is the owner of ‘West Coast Choppers’, which is considered to be amongst the foremost and widely-sought after brand of motorcycles and motor cycle apparel

Although their union struck many of her fans as surprising, resulting from her media persona in conjunction with his penchant for a rough, ‘bad boy’ demeanor, the couple portrayed themselves as happily married prior to the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split.

The Legality of the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split ‘

Although a prominent characteristic of celebrity divorce may tend to retain its fair share of controversy, the prenuptial agreement undertaken by Sandra Bullock and Jesse James was credited for allowing – at least the legal process of Sandra Bullock files for divorce – to be quick and easy:

The couple was reported to have shared assets valued at almost $500 million dollars resulting from Sandra Bullock being one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood in conjunction with the success of Jesse James’ ‘West Coast Choppers’ brand

Although the details of the prenuptial agreement were kept under wraps, the couple swiftly divorced and enacted their separation promptly

The Aftereffects of the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split

Following the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Split, Bullock has been linked to a possible romantic relationship with actor Ryan Reynolds, while Jesse James has taken his relationship with tattoo artist – and reality show actor – Kat Von Dee – public.